Because Allegri’s new Juventus may have been born in Sweden

Because Allegri’s new Juventus may have been born in Sweden
Because Allegri’s new Juventus may have been born in Sweden

Massimiliano Allegri from Livorno makes no apologies but explains his reasons. He analyzes the latest defeats, after the great little triumph in Malmo, Sweden, Champions League, and says that you must lose for the merits of others and not for gifts or demerits of your own. He also says, thinks and believes that everything has come about for individual topics and this can paradoxically be good. Because the blackout rekindles it, if the line is flat it is hard to raise the heart and see rosy horizons for a team. The opponent of Europe was modest, it is true and if the coach Jon Dahl Tomasson at the end of the match says that “it must be a bonus for us to be here and not have suffered a heavier passive”, then this Champions for everyone in the group stage it continues to be inclusive for increasingly political rather than technical reasons.

THE AREA TO FILL However, the path of the Goliaths is full of stumbling blocks against David, so that in the Swedish basin of Malmo there are signs of a new beginning. For Juventus and also for Massimiliano Allegri. Tactically he has his ideas, for now he travels cautiously in the lane but inside he has the fire of those who would like his people to accelerate immediately. Watch out for the diesel effect, which so far no one has taken into account. An example: field Juventus with a prudent and reasoned 4-4-2, which then becomes 3-5-1-1 in the proactive phase. But then, when Cuadrado leaves, when Alex Sandro crosses, when Dybala shortens to take the ball in the equator of the field, he complains about the few appearances in the opponent’s area. For now it is a wish but I do not want, more than I can. The midfielders above all will have to be good at listening to him, and that’s why before and after each match he hits the button there, where tactically it hurts the most.

A NEW START Signals and trust. Winning helps to win, football is made up of banal but very true mantras as if it were a mirror of life. Believing in one’s own possibilities, aiming at the man instead of seeking easy support, or rather freeing the area with an additional contemptuous conscious risk, without this being enveloped and distorted by a fervent fear, are the steps that Juventus want to take. now to get out of the abyss. Malmo’s low caliber has nothing to do with it, because after all it was the Champions League and three points are valid for everyone. When you are in a dark forest, then, Europe is the best Virgil that can exist as a balm for suffering souls. Then there is the Devil, however, Charon, ready to bring down the precarious balance of Juventus again. What is certain is that Sweden helped to get up. It is already more than something.


Allegris Juventus born Sweden

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