a thousand hires are ready in Italy

a thousand hires are ready in Italy
a thousand hires are ready in Italy

Amazon further strengthens its presence in our country. A distribution center in San Salvo offers a unique opportunity.

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With the summer now definitively winding down, the coming autumn could reserve some surprises in terms of employment, although the general situation is not yet at its best. Some companies seem to be moving in the direction of expanding the workforce and, not surprisingly, it is precisely those who, during the most acute phase of the pandemic, have strengthened their presence on the market. Among these, the flag is carried by Amazon. The giant of online sales, in fact, recorded the best profits, thanks to the increase in the use of technology even for the simplest operations.

Digitization rewards, therefore, but consequently creates the ideal conditions for a new recruitment campaign which, for Amazon, will mainly affect Italy. In particular, the opening of a new distribution center is being prepared in San Salvo, in the Abruzzo province of Chieti. A location that, probably, it will become one of the main distribution hubs, being in a geographically advantageous position. And, above all, with a thousand new jobs to be reserved for workers.

Amazon (re) opens in Abruzzo: open positions

2022, therefore, will be yet another year of sprinting for Jeff Bezos’ creature. The Abruzzo office will become a pole of maximum efficiency and, for those who manage to join the staff, the possibility of a permanent contract is expected within the first three years. Not to mention that the San Salvo facility (which joins the one already operational in 2020 in San Giovanni Teatino, also near Chieti), will be equipped with Amazon Robotics technology, to support warehouse operators as much as possible. Not a bad prospect.

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The range of skills and professionalism required is vast. They range from engineers to operations managers, to IT professionals, through human resources and, in fact, warehouse operators. In addition, open positions even for simple order management clerks. A significant strengthening of Amazon’s presence in our country. And also in terms of wages, there is no joking. Warehouse operators, for example, will receive an entry salary equal to that foreseen for hiring at the fifth level of the national category agreement (Transport and logistics). For them, discounts are also available for purchases on Amazon.it (including membership in the Career Choice program). Appointment on 16 September for the Career Day, really not to be missed.

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