“A nuclear power plant in Lombardy? Yes, what’s the problem?”

“The Sweden by Greta (Thunberg, ed) has 8 power stations – he recalled speaking to Radio Me too on Rai Radio Uno -. There are power plants in the historic centers of large cities: in Copenhagen there is a waste-to-energy plant in the city center, with a ski slope. Italy is the only G8 country without nuclear power, 128 nuclear power plants are in operation today, of which 58 are in France “.

The Northern League secretary stressed that the increase in bills “It is the price of the green transition imposed in stages and taxes forced by the EU on the heads of Italian companies that are at the forefront. Who pays 100 euros, most of it is not energy, but transport costs, costs of EU emissions , VAT … Eliminating VAT would cost 5 billion, cutting it is a must “. Salvini then reiterated the need, in his opinion, to normalize relations with Russia, “not on my whim, but it would help Italian families”.

In agreement with Matteo Salvini is the vice president of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti, who said: “Nuclear has made great strides, now it is there a green nuclear, a safe nuclear, personally I believe it is also the way to avoid paying bills that continue to grow, we are too dependent on foreign countries to import energy. A green nuclear, safe, I think it would be a good thing, not only for Lombardy but for Italy “.


nuclear power plant Lombardy whats problem

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