Venice, the 178 million euro legal battle on transport from the airport to the city

Venice, the 178 million euro legal battle on transport from the airport to the city
Venice, the 178 million euro legal battle on transport from the airport to the city

Pandette naval battle and administrative appeals in the Lagoon of Venezia to contend for a contract that is worth 178 million euros spread over a period of nine years. It concerns the public connections between theMarco Polo Airport of Tessera and the capital city. Two groups contend for it. On the one hand Alilaguna spa (which among other things is a sponsor of the Reyer, the mayor’s basketball team Luigi Brugnaro) together with Terminal Fusina Venezia srl. On the other, the Messina shipping company Caronte&Tourist (born from a merger between two Sicilian-Calabrian companies), with Bluferries e Venezia City Sightseeing. The top management of Caronte & Tourist had some legal misadventures (culminating in the indictment a few months ago) for the assignment of an area by the Municipality of Villa San Giovanni.

The contract for about 20 million euros per year was won by Alilaguna, but the competitors resorted to Tar of Venice, which has now decided to suspend the signing of the contract, pending judgment on the merits (hearing on 1 December 2021) to verify whether the award was regular. This is the first public race for the connection service, since up to now Alilaguna managed it with direct assignment. The announcement has had a bumpy ride – it dates back to 2016 – and was launched by the government body of the local public transport of the Venice basin (the Municipalities of Venice and Chioggia and the Metropolitan City). Only the May 25, 2021 with the determines executive number 1040, which however Caronte & Tourist have challenged the Tar, relying on the study of Professor Fabio Cintioli From Rome. Alivenezia replied by relying on lawyers Gaetano Guzzardi e Giandomenico Falcon from Venice.

The dispute concerns the evaluation criteria of the technical offers ed economic of the two contenders. There commission he had to assign up to a maximum of 100 points to the two competing groups, 40 points for the technical offer and 60 points for the economic one. For the technical offer Alilaguna had obtained 40 points, for the economic one 56.6 points (it proposed an increase of 2.5 per cent on traffic revenues destined annually to the Municipality of Venice), reaching a total of 96.6 points out of 100. Caronte & Tourist had obtained 32.88 points for the technical offer and 60 points for the economic one, but the total had stopped at 92.88 points.

Now the Messina company has obtained that the contract is not registered, even if the judges have not entered into the merits of the disputes, but have considered that it is possible to extend the interim management by Alilaguna. “The service continues to be carried out by today’s counter-interested party, and therefore they are not recognizable prejudices to the public interests involved “pending that” the complex issues raised with the introductory appeal and with the cross appeal ”can be assessed on the merits and not“ with the summary nature that characterizes the precautionary phase ”. The appointment with the administrative justice is therefore postponed for a couple of months. Audience on the merits set shortly, for 1 December. For the service, the recipient of the concession must pay a fee to the Municipality of Venice. As an example, in 2019, before the pandemic revenues from ticket sales reached i 27 million euros, which then dwindled to less than a quarter in 2020 due to the reduced traffic flow.


Venice million euro legal battle transport airport city

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