the Prosecutor of Pavia was already investigating in August-

the Prosecutor of Pavia was already investigating in August-
the Prosecutor of Pavia was already investigating in August-
from Giuseppe Guastella

Tension between the two family branches during the hearings. The tutelary judge had reported the case. In addition to the grandfather, also the maternal grandmother under investigation for kidnapping

A month before the kidnapping of little Eitan, the Pavia Police Headquarters monitored the periodic meetings between Shmuel Peleg and the nephew at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office which had opened an investigation after a report from the tutelary judge who, at the end of a stormy hearing, had definitively assigned the protection of the child to his paternal aunt Aya Biran. The law would have allowed no more than a discreet and periodic control that Peleg, a retired Israeli soldier, easily bypassed last Saturday, making him lose track of himself and the grandson he kidnapped during one of the meetings allowed by the judge.

The tensions

There had been moments of strong tension on August 6 in the courtroom when judge Michela Fenucci had to quell the souls of the maternal relatives of Eitan Biran, the only survivor of the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car in which on May 23 she lost among the 14 deaths the his parents, his 2 year old brother and two great grandparents. The tension between the two groups, devastated by grief over the loss of their loved ones, had long since passed the guard level. The grandmother, Esther Athen Cohen, also investigated for kidnapping with her ex-husband Shmuel Peleg in the investigation opened by the prosecutor led by Mario Venditti, had screamed accusing Aya Biran, among other things, of being ashamed of being Jewish. She then asked to spend more time with her grandson than she was allowed, arguing that the little one was more attached to them than to the paternal branch and that limitations cut the relationship with the grandson like a knife in the living flesh. We would like to take him to Israel and grow up as a Jew, he said, anticipating what his daughter Gali would later say from Tel Aviv.

One of the main disputes was the appointment of Aya as guardian of Eitan decided by the Court of Turin when, immediately after the accident, it was necessary to face treatment for the injured child. Choice firmly contested by grandparents, aunt Gali and their lawyers according to whom there is no decision to appoint or confirm a guardian in Pavia and, to date, there is no custody of the minor because the competence of the Juvenile Court, which is not was brought before the matter, the lawyer Sara Carsaniga contests, according to which Turin nominated Aya Biran limitedly for the tasks of that dramatic moment. The judge also ordered Peleg to return his grandson’s Israeli passport by 30 August, for which an expatriation ban was issued.

No alarm

Tensions that the judge communicated to Venditti who immediately opened a model 45 file, that is, without the hypothesis of a crime and without suspects, alerting the mobile team of the Pavia Police Headquarters which, a source says, in that legal situation, for example, he could have the house of Travac Siccomario checked periodically by the patrols but without being able to follow Peleg. The man never gave rise to suspicion, says an investigator who believes this was part of his plan for the kidnapping. Sometimes he brought Eitan home late. but not so bad as to alarm the aunt. And in fact, last Saturday the woman waited about thirty minutes before calling the police around 7 pm. By that time Eitan and her grandfather had already landed in Tel Aviv with a private plane that took off from Lugano.

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