He crashes on a Vespa at dawn in the heart of Milan: he died at 20

He crashes on a Vespa at dawn in the heart of Milan: he died at 20
He crashes on a Vespa at dawn in the heart of Milan: he died at 20

Fatal accident at dawn in the heart of Milano. a 20 year old boy riding a blue Vespa 125 scooter has died on the way Canova, a stone’s throw from the Sempione Park and the Arco della Pace.

The tragedy, as reported by the regional emergency urgency agency, took place a few minutes before 4 am today, Wednesday 15 September, in via Canova, in the stretch of curved road that connects corso Sempione to via Pagano, in the center of Milan. The fatal fall a hundred meters before the traffic light.


The young victim of just 20 years traveling alone on a Piaggio Vespa scooter and for reasons to be ascertained he lost control of the vehicle, ending up against four cars that were regularly parked on the right side of the road. No other means are involved: ambulances intervened on the spot, but there was nothing for the boy to do.

The surveys continued until after 8 in the morning: on the spot the local police blocked the traffic, making the vehicles circulate with an alternating one-way street that caused long queues.

The scene that appeared to the many witnesses in transit was dramatic: on the asphalt the blue Vespa, not far from the helmet of the young boy who would have flown away on impact. On the road a white sheet soaked in blood: the rescuers tried in vain to save the life of the young man, but the traumas suffered in the impact were too serious. It remains to understand the reason for a solo crash at dawn on a road with no traffic at that time: perhaps an illness or a moment of distraction.

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