Rome, Mourinho’s speech that bewitched the team

Rome, Mourinho’s speech that bewitched the team
Rome, Mourinho’s speech that bewitched the team

Put one evening to dinner with him Special One. The initiative was by the coach, who invited all the people he works with to celebrate the thousand benches, reached on Sunday evening against the Sassuolo. The appointment was set at 20 o’clock in the square Pio XI. Rome met last night in the restaurant “Le Vele”, not far from the Vatican and Aurelia, specializing in seafood. The goal was to spend an evening together to form a group, after the sparkling start to the season with five consecutive victories between the championship and the Conference League. But not only that, because the hero of the evening was José Mourinho, celebrated by the team, staff and managers for the thousand benches, but also for the happy approach he had with the planet Roma. The dinner was organized in great secrecy after the victory against the Emilians: the best way to toast the finish of the Special One, which wanted to host the whole group, as well as the managers starting from And e Ryan Friedkin. The owners of Roma were also present in the stands at the Olimpico on Sunday evening and took part with pleasure in the evening, they wanted to personally congratulate all of Roma for this exciting start to the season but above all for the work done so far also in Trigoria.

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The first to arrive was precisely Mourinho, immediately “hunted” by some passers-by, then the catwalk of all the players and staff began. The last to enter was Pilgrims, the captain who just yesterday saw steps forward for the renewal of his contract. The coach of the Roma he wanted to do things in a big way by booking, especially for safety reasons, the entire restaurant, which already during the era Pallotta it had been the destination of some team dinners. Two police patrols immediately stationed outside the restaurant, as well as a lot of private security that escorted the players and staff inside the venue. Out about 150 fans, who, attracted by off-road vehicles and through a quick social chat, discovered in a few minutes the place they had chosen for dinner. During the evening Mou he wanted to thank all those present, hoping to continue in this direction, both in the performances on the field and in the work carried out daily within the walls of Fulvio Bernardini. In a speech that lasted about ten minutes, the Special One conquered everyone: “The road is still long we have not won anything we have to continue like this”, the meaning of his words. Applause, very relaxed atmosphere. Mancini and Pellegrini got up and gave him a shirt, Josè hugged them.

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Rome Mourinhos speech bewitched team

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