“No risk of interaction with anti Covid drug”

“No risk of interaction with anti Covid drug”
“No risk of interaction with anti Covid drug”

The order for Lazio of 1.6 million doses has already been placed. “Compared to last year, we asked for 10% more flu shots. Doing so is necessary to ensure the differential diagnosis from Coronavirus and not to flood the hospital network ”explains Pier Luigi Bartoletti, head of the Fimmg of Rome and Lazio. The campaign against the flu is scheduled for next October. The stocks are expected within the first two weeks, which this year will have to be distributed among general practitioners and pharmacies, already included in the regional platform. However, at least for the final timetable, national directives are awaited.

Vaccine against flu, the times

«We are recording the first cases of flu in these days. But these are low-impact infections that should not cause concern, they are not seasonal flu ”explains Alberto Chiriatti, deputy secretary of the federation of family doctors in Rome and general practitioner in Ostia.
The flu virus – H3N2 – will arrive in Italy next November. According to what experts have studied, several cases are being recorded in India while in Australia the contagion is still zero. Meanwhile, GPs are preparing for the new vaccination campaign. While they are still busy queuing up the first doses of anti – covid serum to latecomers and in the coming weeks, they will be busy with the third dose boosters.

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But: “There is no contraindication for the administration of the two serums” specifies Dr. Chiriatti, and underlines: “The anti-flu will help both for the diagnosis, not to confuse the symptoms with those of the Coronavirus, and avoid hospitalizations . Last year very few patients were infected with the flu, in a very delicate moment of the pandemic ».
Therefore no risk for the close administration of the flu vaccine and the third anti-Covid dose. With the advice, however, to respect a distance of 15 days between the two injections. Waiting for scientific evaluations for a possible co-administration with Moderna. These are the first studies of a combined vaccine: a mix of anti-flu and anti-Covid serum.

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In the pharmacy

Pharmacies have also been included in the regional platform. Compared to last year, when the health centers could only sell the doses, now they can also be administered. The doses arriving in Lazio will therefore be distributed among general practitioners and health centers. At the pharmacy, the procedure will be free for the frail and over 70 categories. On the other hand, a fee is payable for all others: 6.16 for the injection and up to 12 euros for the cost of the vaccine. At least in the initial phase of the vaccination program, reservations will be made.
“As well as for the anti Covid vaccine, pharmacies in Lazio will be available. We apply the same system – says Andrea Cicconetti, president of Federfarma – last autumn we were ready to go. But we were stuck with stocks already in the refrigerators. So we followed the directives of the Lazio Region and we limited ourselves to selling them. Now, however, with the system now run in, we are ready to start with the administration as well. We are already included in the platform – concludes the president Cicconetti – we are only waiting for the regional calendar and the communication on the foreseen doses. So we will organize the work for the entire Lazio pharmacy network ».


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