Cocaine and encrypted messages: this is how the Reggino drug network worked – VIDEO

Cocaine and encrypted messages: this is how the Reggino drug network worked – VIDEO
Cocaine and encrypted messages: this is how the Reggino drug network worked – VIDEO

“The investigation is of particular importance due to what has been ascertained and how it has been ascertained. It starts with some investigative ideas that were born in a previous drug trafficking investigation, then adequately developed by the Goa of Catanzaro and the Scico of Rome and which made it possible to reconstruct a traffic network that saw the Rosarno clans have a series of contacts with South American suppliers established in Northern Europe “. He said it the prosecutor of Reggio Calabria Giovanni Bombardieri on the sidelines of the press conference to illustrate the details of the operation “Crypto” which led to the arrest of 57 people for an international drug trafficking in cocaine managed by the ‘Ndrangheta of the Reggio province.

“They had built a network that allowed the Rosarno clans to establish a series of contacts with South American suppliers who lived in Northern Europe and from here, transport and import the drug in the plain of Gioia Tauro, and then distribute it through other criminal associations in Sicily, Piedmont. and in the new square of Malta “.

Bombardieri then revealed how the international drug trafficking exploited encrypted messages composed of numbers only: “The interpretation of this code allowed to rebuild the network that led to the seizure of over 4 million euros in assets and 150 kilos of cocaine and 50 kilos of marijuana “.

Thanks to the skill of the investigators it was possible to give a meaning to these numbers which, however, have now found a confirmation in a pizzino, seized, showing the code through which the numbers are combined with the letters. “The ‘Jerry’ operation – said the deputy prosecutor Giuseppe Lombardo – had already reconstructed a picture of international drug trafficking. In that first execution, two encrypted users emerged that had been left aside and then returned to today’s investigation”. The fact that it is an investigation for drug trafficking must not diminish the meaning of the operation – added Gaetano Paci argued – because these are investigations that require a very high level approach and contrast even in the face of technological means. used “.

Contacts with the Sicilian mafia

There was also a consolidated synergy between Calabrian and Sicilian crime behind the international drug trafficking that was crushed this morning with the arrest of 57 people by the Guardia di Finanza of Catanzaro on a mandate from the DDA of Reggio Calabria. The narcotic substance from Spain (cocaine, but also marijuana and hashish) crossed the Strait aboard the means of Calabrian couriers headed for Sicily following a route that reached Malta. The operation, codenamed “Crypto”, also led to massive seizures of assets in various Italian regions.

Among the criminal groups that are the recipients of drug loads, various and autonomous delinquent groups are included in the investigation records: the one operating in the area of ​​Amantea (CS) and Cosenza, attributable respectively to Francesco Suriano, leading exponent of the ‘ndrina Gentile, ea Roberto Porcaro, regent of the ‘ndrina Lanzino’, the one rooted in Turin, headed by Vincenzo Raso; the one operating in the city of Catania, attributable to Francesco Cambria, leading exponent of the «Clan Cappello».

Then there were contacts operating between the cities of Syracuse, Benevento and Milan. Furthermore, among the buyers of the narcotic consignments, prominent exponents of the Catania Cappello clan were identified. In this regard, according to the Catanzaro Yellow Flames and the Reggio DDA, the opening of a route to bring cocaine to Maltese territory is indicative.

More specifically, in February 2018, Ivan Meo, an element close to the Catania Cappello Clan, and two unidentified accomplices, who acted as “relay runners”, reached by sea, starting from Pozzallo (RG), in Malta, where they would have delivered drugs. As proceeds from the delivery, Meo brought back 50,850 euros to Italy. The sum, during a vehicle search, was however seized by the financiers upon the return of the couriers to Pozzallo.

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