Understatement Milan. Minimal fashion dresses in substance

The undisputed protagonists are the leaders: denim jackets and trousers, basic and raw cut t-shirt, sweatshirts and shorts, genderless, timeless, that do not bend to the rigid alternation of the seasons.

A minimalist vision which finds its expression in the thought of the German architect Ludwig Mies van de Rohe “Less in more”, less is more… and even more!

When and how was the Understatement Milano brand born? Why did you choose this name?

The brand was born about a year ago, when we decided to propose our idea of ​​fashion enclosed in the name of our label: Understatement, that is the intention to propose a sober style, with an urban allure, without ostentation, which goes straight to the point, and Milan, which is not only the birthplace of the brand, but also the place where understatement has always been cultivated with wisdom and elegance. Understatement Milan for us is a real lifestyle, a philosophy, a way of being, through which “the less you say, the more you say”.

What are the stylistic-distinctive features of your garments?

The protagonists of our collections are the garments, made with the utmost care, whose fit insists on a concept of genderless, which goes beyond the rigid distinction between menswear and womenswear and is nourished by a palette of neutral colors such as white, black, blue and khaki. Denim jackets and trousers, basic and raw-cut t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts… everything speaks an apparently simple lexicon, but behind which lies an extreme attention to detail and quality.

Can we talk about a fashion that subtracts rather than adding?

Ours is a fashion idea made of subtraction, which lets the substance, the content speak, and which manifests itself through clean lines, an essential style, fine fabrics and refined garments, made in Italy by the best artisans.

So how important is the Made in Italy craftsmanship in your production?

Absolutely primary! We have chosen to entrust the production exclusively to the best artisans of Lombardy, Tuscany and Campania, in the name of true Made in Italy.

What attention do you dedicate to the issue of sustainability and respect for the environment?

Constant attention. We are increasingly sensitive to this issue and have chosen to commit ourselves to a production that is as eco-sustainable as possible. Yarns and fabrics are chosen with attention and care: we prefer to create fewer garments but with greater quality and respect for production and environmental sustainability.

Which audience are you targeting?

Those who choose to wear one of our garments do so because it is reflected in our philosophy and our vision. It is therefore an audience of different ages, but with the same sensitivity and passion for a fashion made of unique pieces and precious fabrics.

For the FW 2021/22 season a special collaboration with the sartorial excellence of MP Massimo Piombo. What does this project consist of?

It is a beautiful project, of which we are very proud. It is a real honor to be able to collaborate with MP Massimo Piombo, a reality known for its creative and sartorial excellence. For the FW 2021/22 season we present – together – a collection of coats and knitwear, for men and women, in which the essential style of Understatement Milano blends with the iconic elegance, research and sartorial soul of MP Massimo Piombo, giving life to something truly unique, especially for the choice of the finest yarns, such as baby alpaca from the Peruvian Andes, English lambswool, mohair, soft cashmere. Fil rouge of the collection: exclusive patterns and fabrics, meticulous attention to every detail and exclusively Italian tailoring. A project of great craftsmanship, which develops in a limited production, driven by passion and oriented to the highest quality and research.

Projects and dreams for the future of Understatement Milano?

We want to free ourselves from the idea of ​​alternating seasons and focus on continuous garments, but also on the creation of capsules and collaborations. This allows us to have always new stimuli and to create always current proposals, letting ourselves be contaminated by different realities and the latest trends, while maintaining our identity and our philosophy.

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