Monster of Florence, high-tech inspection in the Scopeti wood which was the scene of a crime. The police station: “Even for a Rai docufilm”

Monster of Florence, high-tech inspection in the Scopeti wood which was the scene of a crime. The police station: “Even for a Rai docufilm”
Monster of Florence, high-tech inspection in the Scopeti wood which was the scene of a crime. The police station: “Even for a Rai docufilm”

Surprise inspection of the forensic police in the woods of Scopeti from San Casciano Val di Pesa (Florence), place oflatest murder attributed to the so-called Monster of Florence, the serial killer who between 1968 and 1985 bloodied the Tuscan capital and its province, killing eight young couples. To mobilize the investigators were not only the investigations that led the Florentine prosecutor to attribute four of the double murders to Pietro Pacciani (later acquitted on appeal and died in 1998 before the new sentence) and his family companions of snacks, but also “cinematographic” needs: the realization of a docufilm. The film, branded Rai, will focus on the crime that was committed there, that of the French Nadine Mauriot e Jean Michel Kraveichvili, then find yourself the September 9, 1985 from a mushroom hunter.

As explained by the prosecutor, the operations do not concern only the plot of the murder, a few meters in the interior of the countryside, among the pines and coppice, but also the municipal road, which will be photographed to carry out a series of measurements: it could therefore be the first time that scientific investigations, albeit also intended for fiction, have expanded beyond the tree line, affecting a stretch of via Scopeti. Those places have been preserved in almost the same way as 36 years ago while the undergrowth in which the French couple camped has changed in various stages.

The goal of the intervention is therefore to implement a topographic reconstruction e forest of the scene so that it can be reproduced in front of the camera as correctly as possible even after such a long time. After all, it is the same dynamics of crime to appear complex: the couple was surprised in camping by the murderer, who used a knife to tear through the curtain, shot the woman causing her death and then chased her companion outside, finishing him after a desperate attempt to escape into the vegetation. These gestures were then followed, as per the killer practice, mutilation about the girl.

In the surveys, they were tested new machinery, including also a drone, along with new ones tecnologie in 3D able to detect details possibly ignored by the 1985 investigations: at that time the investigators did not have the current technology not to mention that, as documented by the photographs taken by the chroniclers of the time, the crime scene was probably polluted by the presence of too many people. All the material created will also be sent to prosecutor of Florence, with which the inspection was agreed, for any evaluations: it is far from excluded, therefore, that it can be used for the investigation of crimes.

“As a reason for this renewed interest, the question arises whether it is not to proceed with the removal of the tombstone in memory of the victims, currently finding no other explanation given the constant orientation shown in the last three years by the Florence prosecutor “, commented Vieri Adriani, lawyer of the victims. The last phase of the investigation into the Monster of Florence, which saw an 89-year-old former legionnaire under investigation, Giampiero Vigilanti, and an 88-year-old doctor, Francesco Caccamo, for the eight double murders of engaged couples, saw thearchiving of these positions of November 2020, when the investigating judge rejected the application to oppose the archiving presented by the lawyer Adriani. However, the episode did not completely put an end to the investigations into the crimes attributed to the Monster. As also underlined by the investigating judge in the archiving order, investigations are still underway by the prosecutor in relation to “the recent and latest discovery of a Beretta pistol 22 ″ caliber, the same type of weapon that the reports indicate to have been used for the murders, found last January in a pitch along the Florence-Siena highway, near Tavarnelle. And another remains open line of investigation, for an alleged misdirection.

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