Covid, blanket vaccines in Palermo: the least protected areas

The next appointments in the ‘less vaccinated’ neighborhoods.

Palermo has good vaccination coverage and he expects to have it excellent, around eighty percent, at the end of September. But there are still neighborhoods that are ‘less protected’ than the desired average. There, the action of the doctors of the Covid Commissioner’s Office, led by the doctor, will intensify Renato Costa.

Less covered areas

“Palermo is heading towards eighty percent completed vaccinations – says the commissioner – and we hope to reach the goal within the month. There are some areas that are a little less covered, where you can do more. I am thinking of Partanna Mondello, of Marinella, of Sferracavallo, of Resuttana, of Albergheria, of the Santa Rosalia Village… ”. It is no coincidence that these are the stages of the next vaccininquertiere tour.

Kids and parents

“Next September 17th in a sports club in the Calatafimi district – says the commissioner – the children will be accompanied by their parents and all will be vaccinated if they so wish. We have learned that family involvement is a very important aspect, because it is the circuit of persuasion and example that leads to immunization ”.

The stages of Vaccininquartiere

And here are the next steps of Vaccininquartiere that are available for consultation also HERE, on the Facebook page of the commissioner. September 16 Settecannoli, September 17 Calatafimi and Partanna Mondello, September 20 Marinella, September 22 Albergheria, September 23 Resuttana, September 24 Sferracavallo, September 25 Santa Rosalia Village.


Covid blanket vaccines Palermo protected areas

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