Vacant chairs school by school, Bianchi: “We monitor them with an IT platform”

Vacant chairs school by school, Bianchi: “We monitor them with an IT platform”
Vacant chairs school by school, Bianchi: “We monitor them with an IT platform”

Speech by the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, at Porta a Porta on Rai 1. Several topics were discussed during the interview.

Sul green pass: “This is the demonstration that when the State applies, and all administrations apply together, they can achieve great results, respecting the rights of the people and the efficiency of the system. It was something that other colleagues around Europe are asking us about ”.

“It worked. We started from a strong stimulus given by the Privacy Authority, which must protect the confidentiality of data to avoid discrimination. – explained Bianchi –. Together with the ministry of health, education, the treasury and their company, we have put together this platform which is only available to the principal and allows you to cross-reference data ”.

“No ballet of the substitutes”. Then the announcement: “Flat-sounding of vacant professorships”

“This year there was no substitute ballet. We have made a very important operation. Usually the professors entered the tenure on the first of September and then checked who was missing and between October and November the holes were filled. This year – has explained – we anticipated the entry into the role. We made 60 thousand, last year there were 19 thousand. And we brought them forward at the beginning of August. We had a month to make all the appointments of the annual substitute posts ”.

“We have done – added the minister – a platform that allows us to have the picture of the whole country, school by school, class by class. On the other hand, there are the short substitutes that depend on the principal. We have covered the entire staff, 112 thousand positions in addition, the so-called vacant chairs, the empty ones. There are 880 thousand teachers in the state school in Italy. To which are added those of the private schools and another 300 thousand people of the technical administrative staff “.

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