Ferrari Purosangue, new hypothesis on the Cavallino SUV – Mondo Auto

Ferrari Purosangue, new hypothesis on the Cavallino SUV – Mondo Auto
Ferrari Purosangue, new hypothesis on the Cavallino SUV – Mondo Auto

Hypotheses, renderings, spy photos, patents and 3D reconstructions. Fever around Ferrari Thoroughbred rises every day, with curiosity around the first SUV of the Prancing Horse that feeds indiscretions and the imagination of car designers and enthusiasts. Still nothing official has been revealed about the first high-wheeled model of the Maranello car manufacturer, with the first photos of the car that will inaugurate the brand’s entry into an unprecedented segment that could arrive by the end of the year. While waiting to see the appearance of what promises to be a revolutionary model, CarWow has also been added to the list of those who wanted to give precise lines and design to the new Ferrari Purosangue.

The Cavallino’s FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) was conceived as a high-wheeled model with a muscular body, with a particularly expressive front end and a subtle optical signature, with traits inherited from the Ferrari Rome. A detail that would also be corroborated by the various road tests in Sweden and Germany which saw the forklifts mount the lighting groups of the new 2+ from Maranello. At the rear, on the other hand, the stylistic features derive from the 296 GTB, the latest addition to the Cavallino. The rear end design of the hybrid supercar has been applied to the hypothesis that portrays the future Ferrari-branded SUV.

The CarWow experts then also imagined the interiors of the high-wheeled model of the Cavallino, anticipating a possible passenger compartment for 5 people, with single cells in the front and an essential infotainment system, refined but with modern lines. At the center of the tunnel then, the classic manettino. With regard to the range of engines, the use of the new 3.9-liter V8 engine certainly seems to be, with or without hybridization. If the setting of the SF90 Stradale is chosen, it is easy to think that the powertrain will be reduced, remaining on the 620 HP to which the power boost of the electric unit would be added. The range is also expected to include the new hybrid V6, brought to its debut by the 296 GTB, with the latter representing the entry level in the Ferrari Purosangue offering. Maranello’s first SUV is expected to hit the road by 2022, with a price between 200 and 250 thousand euros.

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