Amazon makes it easier to find the best deals

Amazon makes it easier to find the best deals
Amazon makes it easier to find the best deals

Small but interesting is the graphic novelty that Amazon is introducing on its site in these hours. As you can see from the image inside the article, the e-commerce giant now displays a small banner that shows more clearly the real discount applied to the product in question.

Clearer discounts on Amazon

The small novelty seems for now limited to a small number of users and products, and is displayed just above the sale price with the indication of the percentage discount compared to the price previously applied by Amazon. In the case it was the lowest price in recent times, the words ” the lowest price in the last 30 days“, To bring out more the goodness of the offer.

The banner, which is currently displayed on a very limited number of products, is also shown on the occasion of flash or limited-time offers, to ensure greater emphasis on the occasion. In the absence of third-party tools capable of viewing the history of offers, it is therefore a great help to understand if the price is actually valid or if the discount is lower than the one previously applied.

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Amazon easier find deals

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