Italy does not invest in prevention, EU

Italy does not invest in prevention, EU
Italy does not invest in prevention, EU

STRASBOURG – “Europe witnessed devastating floods and an exceptional heat wave this summer. Extreme events that have caused thousands of victims and enormous damage to the territories, and which, as confirmed by the latest IPPC report, are the result of climate change.

There is no more time to waste: it is urgent to invest in prevention. Unfortunately, the Italian government does not think so, which has invested just 2 billion in the fight against hydrogeological instability against a requirement of 26 billion. This is why we presented an oral question to the European Commission asking it to draw up further recommendations, guidelines that redirect resources from the Recovery Fund and the EU Structural Funds on prevention, especially for the countries most at risk, such as Italy. We are in a fundamental phase of launching the operational programs of the cohesion funds and it is still possible to do so.

Furthermore, the EU response to natural disasters must be strengthened. To this end, we have proposed to the Community Executive to increase the percentage of the advance of the EU Solidarity Fund, bringing it to at least 30%. Another important measure is to exclude reconstruction and prevention costs from the Stability Pact. Finally, we reiterate the proposal to establish a European environmental civil service ”.

The MEPs of the Italian delegation of the Greens / EFA group in the EU Parliament declared this in a note. Rosa D’Amato, Ignazio Corrao, Eleonora Evi e Piernicola Pedicini.

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