Young Boys-Manchester United 2-1, the report cards: ruthless CR7, Wan-Bissaka and Lingard disastrous

Young Boys-Manchester United 2-1, the report cards: ruthless CR7, Wan-Bissaka and Lingard disastrous
Young Boys-Manchester United 2-1, the report cards: ruthless CR7, Wan-Bissaka and Lingard disastrous

Young Boys-Manchester United 2-1

Markers: 13 ‘Cristiano Ronaldo (M), 66’ Moumi Ngamaleu (Y), 90 ‘+ 5’ Siebatcheu (Y).


Van Ballmoos 5.5 – Not flawless on Ronaldo’s goal, when he lets the ball pass between his legs.

Issue 6.5 – The right chain with Fassnacht works well, even before the expulsion of Wan-Bissaka. He supports the maneuver with constancy and determination, reaching the bottom several times. (From 83 ‘ Sulejmani All).

Camara 5.5 – Some amnesia too much for the imposing African defender, one of which sends Cristiano Ronaldo into the goal at the start of the second half. Uncertain.

Lauper 6 – Well positioned and careful in marking. In the final he touches the goal with a great long-range conclusion. (From 90 ‘+ 2’ Zesiger sv).

Garcia 5.5 – Too superficial on the occasion of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, when he trivially loses the former Juventus marking. In any case, he does not break down and after the expulsion of Wan-Bissaka he contributes to the game with many overlaps.

Sierro 5 – Negative performance for the Swiss midfielder: right from the start, he feels the pressure of the match and commits trivial mistakes in the construction phase that denote insecurity. Inevitable the substitution at the interval. (From 46 ‘ Siebatcheu 6.5 – His presence allows Elia to also move sideways. Take advantage of Lingard’s gift to overturn the result at the end).

Martins Pereira 6 – It acts as a dam in the middle of the field, biting the ankles of the opponents. He mainly deals with defensive duties. (From 83 ‘ Rieder sv).

Barrel night 6.5 – In the first half he ends twice towards the opponent’s mirror: he has drive, tenacity and a decent technical rate. United’s defense struggles to read his entries.

Aebischer 6.5 – Try to carry the team on your shoulders in moments of greatest suffering. He acts as the glue between midfield and attack, trying to sew up the game and start his own business when he has the opportunity.

Moumi Ngamaleu 7 – Play a game of sacrifice in the first part, falling back in the defensive phase in support of Garcia; then he melts and embodies the same spirit even in attack. He takes away the satisfaction of the goal with a shrewd close touch.

Elia 7.5 – It is the end of every offensive maneuver of the Gialloneri. He leverages his speed to put the English defense in trouble and overturn the front. In the second half he acts more on the wing and delivers the winning pass for Ngamaleu’s goal. It turns out to be a decisive factor for his parents. (From 90 ‘+ 2’ Kanga sv).

All. David Wagner 7 – Wan-Bissaka’s red turns out to be a breath of fresh air for the Swiss team, definitely out of the game until then. In the second half the gialloneri do not create many clear scoring, but they prove to be tremendously cynical in front of goal. Three crucial points from a group perspective.


de Gea 6 – He makes an excellent intervention on Lauper’s conclusion from distance, he can do nothing on the two goals conceded.

Wan-Bissaka 4.5 – With a hard foul in the middle of the field he compromises the game of the Red Devils, leaving the team in ten men. Up to that moment he had stood out with a few crossings, but nothing more.

Lindelöf 6 – He is preferred to Varane: he compares well with the dynamic Elia, sometimes he has the best others the worst.

Maguire 6.5 – It gives security to the defensive department by reading the game well and not being surprised even in the moments of siege of the Young Boys. A warranty.

Shaw 6 – Start the game with a good attitude, accompanying the action in the left lane. The numerical inferiority forces him to a more cautious attitude.

Pogba 5.5 – It does not enchant as in other circumstances. Wide part on the left, but does not properly trigger the mix of technique and physicality at its disposal. Not very bright.

Fred 6 – Keeps the center of gravity very low, starting the action of the Red Devils from afar. It does not take risks, preferring horizontal development. Solid. (From 89 ‘ Martial s.v.).

Sancho 5.5 – He is the man Solskjaer sacrifices after Wan-Bissaka’s expulsion. Dispute an abundant unconvincing half hour, in which in fact it never creates the conditions for hurting on the right. (From 37 ‘ Dalot 6 – Enter the field to rebalance the team: diligent on the right track).

Bruno Fernandes 7 – Makes even the most complicated games look simple: design football by sorting balls with elegance and precision. Pack the assist for the goal of the momentary 0-1 of the compatriot Ronaldo. (From 72 ‘ Matic s.v.).

Van de Beek 6 – In his first time as a starter this season, the young Dutchman wants to prove to Solskjaer that he deserves the place as a starter. Compared to expectations, it is placed in the median and gives life to a first half of substance. (From 46 ‘ Early 6 – His entry requires the passage to a five-man defense. It guarantees precious experience and centimeters, even if it has the demerit of being anticipated by Ngamaleu on the occasion of the yellow and black draw).

Cristiano Ronaldo 7 – Even tonight the harsh law of CR7 produces its effects: at the first real chance from the goal, he throws it in as a true killer of the penalty area. For the rest, as usual, he does not participate much in the maneuver remaining mostly waiting for playable balls. (From 72 ‘ Lingard 4.5 – He has the defeat of the Red Devils on his conscience, due to the nefarious backpass that opens the way to Siebatcheu).

All. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 5.5 – Until the expulsion of Wan-Bissaka, the Red Devils dominate the scene, immediately unblocking the match and freezing the result without any worries. The numerical inferiority, however, inevitably changes the game that becomes a struggle and no longer a government. The team adapts to the progress of the match but in fact leaves a point on the road due to a mistake made by Lingard.

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