falsified electoral process, Lamorgese intervenes

Tuesday 14 September 2021 – 17:13

Milan, Bernardo: falsified electoral process, Lamorgese intervene

Center-right candidate post exposed: we are outside the rules

Milan, 14 Sept. (askanews) – “This morning I presented a complaint to the prefect. We are outside any democratic rule. Thus the electoral process is totally distorted. Minister Lamorgese intervenes on the municipal administration of Milan ”. The candidate for mayor of the center-right for Milan, Luca Bernardo, wrote it in a tweet, returning to talk about the electoral spaces for posters that cannot be posted in Milan because Palazzo Marino has provided 24 boards for 28 lists that have presented themselves to the administrative offices of the 3-4 October.



falsified electoral process Lamorgese intervenes

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