Did Guendalina Tavassi know who attacked her? ‘I’m upset’

Guendalina Tavassi confirms that she was beaten. “I’m shocked”, he says Fanpage who contacted her by phone. He knew who it was attacked? It would seem so, even if he doesn’t mention names. He can’t yet, he must first report and then speak to the lawyer.

Did Guendalina Tavassi know who attacked her? ‘I’m upset’. In the photo with her boyfriend Federico Perna: he has a black eye

The 35-year-old Roman confirms that she was attacked in the evening on Sunday 12 September. The photo that immortalized her with the black eye, presumably in the emergency room in the capital, posted in her stories and then in those of her daughter Gaia Nicolini, 17, and later deleted, had immediately created havoc and agitated the fans of the ex gieffina. “I can’t speak at the moment, I’m still upset, I’m going to the police to make a report and I need to speak to my lawyer”, says Guenda.

He can’t name his attacker, at least not yet. “I have lived through better times, but I really can’t speak until I have concluded with complaints, lawsuits, I cannot say where it happened, who it was, but thank you for calling me. I’m sorry but I can’t say anything “, Tavassi still clarifies.

Even her brother Edoardo lovingly cuddles her after the ‘crime’

Then she shows herself next to her boyfriend Federico Perna with a swollen eye. The restaurateur writes: “The thing I love most about you is that despite everything you’ve been through and going through, you never lose your smile. For me, even so, you will always remain the most beautiful in the world “. Next to him he also has his brother, Edoardo. Thanks to them Guenda feels pampered and protected.

Written by: Annamaria Capozzi on 14/9/2021.


Guendalina Tavassi attacked upset

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