“She is not a journalist. Who should be ashamed” – Libero Quotidiano

“She is not a journalist. Who should be ashamed” – Libero Quotidiano
“She is not a journalist. Who should be ashamed” – Libero Quotidiano

The debut of Melissa Satta at the Sky Sport “Club”, the football in-depth program conducted by Fabio Caressa. Already, the former tissue did not seem entirely at ease, despite old participation in sports programs. But now, to make noise, is the sensational attack on Sky and Satta di Alessia Tarquinio, formerly owned by Sky and passed into force to Amazon to follow the Champions League.

An attack which, however, is much more aimed at the satellite broadcaster, so much so that Tarquinio defends Satta from insults, horrible, received after the debut a Sky Soccer Club: “I would ask you to stop, for one simple reason: you are not a sports journalist, in life you have chosen to do another job”, he stresses.

Tarquinio attacks with a series of stories on Instagram, where she calls into question the discretion of the director or the manager of the broadcast: “For them, evidently his figure was relevant and could bring quality or any other characteristic to the program”. And again, he hits very hard: “It has been making me think for some time what kind of consideration there is of the sports journalist within an editorial office and certain programs. As if being prepared, having passion, talent and dedication, absolutely not worth and the idea that this is a job that everyone can do can pass“, remarks Alessia Tarquinio.

So, explain what the worst thing about this story is. The first, the answer of the male colleagues: “You are jealous, envious, but what does it matter, look at that babe, you would like to be like this …”. So an appeal and an invitation to college: to those who “feel mortified” he addresses a metaphorical hug. And he adds: “Talk to your editor and chief editors, who will all be men. Address the issue for yourself and for future generations. There are a lot of women who want to do this job and they face a series of difficulties “.

“In my life I have always talked about the things that did not suit me and I looked for the comparison. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have this great career… and I’m sorry I didn’t see all this activism from my colleagues, but I understand it because we are not all the same “. At least until the next episode”, Tarquinio concluded an outburst that was certainly destined to make a lot of noise.

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