“You always talk to her above”

“You always talk to her above”
“You always talk to her above”

Giuliana De Sio and Alessandro Haber guests a Today is another day they told themselves to Serena Bortone in their parable from the beginning of their relationship, born as an overwhelming love story, to date that they have a beautiful friendship by now consolidated after so many years. This is why they have also started working together again.

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“She is a woman who has marked me a lot, but I have also marked her,” Haber begins. Giuliana explains that she was often drawn by Alessandro, which is why she probably became an actress today: «He decided that I had to be an actress, I was small, like a child, but he insisted on his agent. He pushed me to auditions, even if I protested ». Haber presses on saying that he did it because he saw talent in her and that then that talent had to be valued for him.

The actor points out that he has always been a bit of a victim of De Sio, but from the interview something else emerges and Bortone points this out, always trying to give space to the actress that her ex-partner is looking for, probably involuntarily, to steal by talking about it. In this regard, Giuliana remembers how he became jealous when she began to be successful.

Their relationship was very overwhelming, De Sio admits to having lost a son of Haber: “Unfortunately in my life I was unable to become a mother, I was sorry for this in general”, when Serena asks if it was a pain for them Haber replies: “At that time we were in crisis, then we had a lot of work, but at that moment we didn’t reflect on that pain. Today I certainly think we regret much more ».

In short, a very overwhelming love that Giuliana confesses to have also been very confrontational: «We threw shoes, blows». But at this point Serena intervenes by explaining that nothing justifies violence but Haber adds: “I’m not violent, once in my life we ​​were fighting and I slapped her, she has a delicate nose and she got a lot of nosebleeds” . Bortone tries to change the subject and goes back to De Sio who is again interrupted by the ex so the presenter launches the dig and admonishes him: “But you always talk to her over”.

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