Draghi: ‘Helping Afghanistan is a moral obligation for everyone’ – Politics

Draghi: ‘Helping Afghanistan is a moral obligation for everyone’ – Politics
Draghi: ‘Helping Afghanistan is a moral obligation for everyone’ – Politics

“Religion must never be exploited. In the worst cases, it has been used to justify violence, the deprivation of fundamental rights, or direct popular favor towards very earthly political ends. To terror, even the subtle oppression that wants to deprive us of our own values ​​in the name of religion we must oppose “. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at the G20 Interfaith Forum in Bologna.

In Afghanistan “in recent days, we have been witnessing images that take us back to the darkest years in the country’s history. In particular, women, who in the past twenty years had regained basic rights, such as education, are now in danger of being banned. even to practice sports, also repressing their representation in the government. As an international community we have a moral obligation towards a country where we have been for twenty years “, underlines Draghi. “An obligation of humanitarian aid, of prevention of terrorism, of support for the protection of human rights”, he adds.

“The other duty we have as the West, and in particular as Europe, is the protection of those who decide to leave Afghanistan. Italy has helped some 5,000 Afghan citizens escape the enormous risks they were exposed to. a significant effort, of which we must be proud, but which cannot be exhausted now. The EU must not ignore the drama of these people, nor the historical significance of these events “, said the premier. “We have to show that we are up to this crisis and the values ​​we claim to represent,” he added.

“To defeat the pandemic, the vaccination campaign must go forward everywhere. Only in this way will we be able to save lives, curb contagion, avoid the emergence of dangerous variants. To date, however, only 2% of the population of the poorest countries has received at least one dose of the vaccine – compared to 42% of the world population. At the Global Health Summit in Rome, pharmaceutical companies promised to provide 1.3 billion doses at controlled prices to low-cost states by the end of this year. and middle income. Another 2 billion will be distributed by 2022 “, explains the premier.


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