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RADIO RADIO – Go back to talking Maurizio Costanzo. The popular television journalist, Roma’s advisor on the issue of the new stadium, spoke about the future facility owned by the club. “There has been talk of the stadium in these hours and I must say that I agree with what Fienga said. It must be an easily accessible stadium, the fans must live it 7 days a week, not just on match day. We hope this happens. , whatever mayor will be elected The important thing is that the new mayor remember to make the stadium immediately, also because the fans will remember it in the upcoming elections. We will get along with who will get busy “

When will we first hear the official Friekdin voice?
I only heard it once, when I met him (laughs). ln silence they are responding with facts though. I understand the curiosity of the fans but we have overseas precedents that didn’t work out so much …

What will be the venue of the stadium? We talked about the Ostiense, do you have any other area in mind?
The area identified by the company is Ostiense, because it is easily accessible and close to services.


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