MasterChef: Let’s Cook !, the review

MasterChef: Let’s Cook !, the review
MasterChef: Let’s Cook !, the review

The MasterChef review: Let’s Cook! it combines a relatively modern trend, that of cooking shows such as the television broadcast of which the characteristics, MasterChef in fact, are reproduced under license, and a real classic of simulation casual games, namely Cooking Mama.

Born in 2006 on Nintendo DS, the series developed by the former Office Create, today Cooking Mama Limited, took advantage of the peculiarities of the portable console of the Japanese house and its touch screen to offer a fun and original experience, in which we were called to prepare recipes increasingly difficult, receiving precise evaluations of our work.

This is exactly what happens in this new title from Tilting Point, available for free to subscribers to the platform Apple Arcade.


MasterChef: Let’s Cook !, the cutting of ingredients

It is useless to go around it: if over ten years ago the Cooking Mama formula managed to exert a great charm also and above all due to the unprecedented mechanics of interaction with the touch screen, today this type of solutions are no longer a novelty and it is therefore clear that MasterChef: Let’s Cook! he finds himself competing in a situation that is not exactly ideal, risking to seem “already seen” right away.

Unfortunately, the developers did not do much to prevent this from happening: while taking a cue from the typical situations of the MasterChef broadcast, with three judges and a competitor, our character, who is selected to challenge other talented chefs from all over the world, the game picks up exactly the gameplay of Cooking Mama and the variations on the theme are frankly few.

Basically, for every challenge based multiplayer, to be faced against five other users are asked to prepare a recipe that meets certain requirements, possibly securing more points if successful. Then select the ingrediants from the pantry, they position themselves on the workbench and from there you can start … in the hope of not “disappointing” any of the judges.

Using the touch screen we will therefore have to complete a sequence of simple, but sometimes mangy minigame to get to the ready and finished dish: cut vegetables, garnish pasta sheets, accurately position the toppings, boil the water without overcooking the pasta, manage the cooking in the oven or in a pan respecting the right times, and so on.

Structure and technique

MasterChef: Let’s Cook !, the management of the stoves

Doing everything right will allow us to obtain the score necessary to snatch victory and grow within a progression system that unlocks not only new ingredients and related recipes, but also clothes and useful objects to aesthetically customize our young man. Cook. All to move from one episode of the show to another, but it is only a gimmick to push us to ring challenges after challenges.

Unfortunately, a certain degree of repetition is inevitable until you become familiar with the system of recipes and ingredients, while on the level of technical implementation the developers have done a good job, packaging a graphics in a simple cartoon style, but functional, although lacking a sound accompaniment of character.

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