Art bridge between Italy and Uzbekistan, a day dedicated to the Embassy

Art bridge between Italy and Uzbekistan, a day dedicated to the Embassy
Art bridge between Italy and Uzbekistan, a day dedicated to the Embassy

It was a day dedicated to creativity that took place at the Uzbekistan Embassy in Rome where the awards of the Uzbekistan – Italy International Art Competition were held. An artistic event to celebrate the anniversary of the thirty years of independence Uzbekistan, which is celebrated on September 1st in the Asian country.

The Uzbekistan – Italy International Art Competition

Creator of the event, the eclectic artist Aida Abdullaeva, driven by a real passion together with the VerbumlandiArt Association. Aida, who has always been a messenger of art and culture, aims to create links between Uzbek and Italian civilizations; she is also the founder of the “Progetto Angeli”, a prestigious International Association that unites talented artists with the aim of creating festivals, exhibitions and artistic projects, to support art in all its forms.

School, in Milan we start again with TeatroAttivaCultura

The jury chaired by the Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Italy Otabek Akbarov was composed of the Consul Munira Nizamova, the artist Aida Abdullaeva, the artist Miguel Angel Acosta Lara and the president of Verbumlandiart-aps Regina Resta, in collaboration with the teacher and lawyer Marilisa Palazzone and the teacher Claudia Piccinno. After a careful analysis of all the works received, evaluating all the characteristic aspects of each work: technique, colors, harmony, chromaticity and relevance to the theme, only four primary and middle school finalists and seven adult artists were selected, decreeing one overall winner for minors and one for adults.

The winners

For primary and middle school the pupil Eleonora Santospago from Chieti was declared the winner; the certificate of participation was issued to the pupil Daniel D’agostino, also from Chieti; for the design the award was given to Alessia Ruobing and Melissa Fortini from Castelmaggiore (Bologna). Among the adult artists the winner was Emanuela Loscanna; the certificate of participation was awarded to Fernando D’Ospina, Madia Ingrosso, Stefania Siani, Teri Voltini and Daniela Gilardoni.

In the wonderful setting of the Embassy, ​​rich in Uzbek symbols, the young painter Lenora Santospago from Chieti and the artist Emanuela Loscanna from Lecce were also awarded. Lenora has created a drawing full of typically Uzbek meanings and symbols: architecture, decorations and foods that perfectly represent the fantastic culture of this people.

Emanuela has created a painting on canvas that represents an Uzbek girl in typical clothes, an explosion of colors and refinement that have been able to capture the elegance of this people. HE Uzbekistan Ambassador to Italy Otabek Akbarov, during the ceremony, presented the medal and parchment to the artists with sincere appreciation to the works and to the Competition that united Uzbek culture with the Italian one.

Venice 78, Golden Lion for “L’evenement”. Sorrentino grand jury prize. Coppa Volpi to Penelope Cruz and John Arcilla

Commendation of Honor for the designer Melissa Caldari, aka Melissa Mil, for the collection of earrings that she made after careful research on Uzbek traditions, recreating the patterns and colors to make her wooden jewels. The work of the young designer was highly appreciated by the Ambassador who complimented her. At the end of the award ceremony, the designer Melissa Mil was interviewed by Uzbek National TV. Representatives and guests attended the event with enthusiasm, showing great interest in Italian and Uzbek art.

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