He has to collect his children from school but does not have the Green pass, father threatens to call the police

He has to collect his children from school but does not have the Green pass, father threatens to call the police
He has to collect his children from school but does not have the Green pass, father threatens to call the police

The return to school is causing some problems in the application of the rules imposed by the Green pass, especially in the lower classes. Exemplary is the case that occurred in a comprehensive institution in the province of Bergamo, precisely in Caravaggio, where a parent had to resort to the threat of intervention by the police in order to get his 3 and 5 year old children back. The incident happened at the Mastri Caravaggini Comprehensive Institute at 12, the time the children left school.

I asked the janitor if he could take my children as I did not have the Green pass and I could not enter the building. He replied that they were not allowed to lead students from the classroom to the front door. So the children stayed in the classroom“, the father told Adnkronos. The man’s reaction is inevitable:”I threatened to call i carabinieri for removal of a minor and only then did the principal, called by a collaborator, authorize the staff to accompany them to the exit“.

The regulatory short circuit occurred following the circular of 11 September, in which the head teacher communicated the obligation to show the Green pass to anyone who had to access the school facilities as provided for by DL of 10 September 2021, no. 122. The circular followed the indications of the government, therefore there was no objection from the parents. Something changes on September 13, when “a message arrives in capital letters from the executive, communicated to the representatives“.

The note reads: “We inform you that in compliance with the current legislation from tomorrow 14-09-21 the parent delegate will be able to access the school up to the door of the section only and exclusively by exhibiting at the school assistant the Green pass. If you do not have the green certification, you will not be able to access the school building and you will not be able to ask school collaborators to accompany their children to the section“.

A message for which the principal Teresa Patrizia Paradiso she justified herself: “The school does not serve those who do not have a Green pass. I do not evaluate the choices of others and I do not allow myself to judge anyone. But the parent should have organized as I am required to apply and enforce the rule provided for in decree 122 for the protection of public health“. Then he added:”I am sorry for what has happened but not for having applied the rule. The problem arose because for infancy children must be accompanied to the section for safety regulations and then taken back. In order to avoid situations similar to the one of today, I have already foreseen a corrective from tomorrow: I have established the institute of delegation of accompanying persons and if some unfortunate person without a Green pass has no one to refer to, I have set a time by which to leave and pick up the children“.


collect children school Green pass father threatens call police

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