Soon there will also be for the under 12s, Cauda’s prophecy on the vaccine – Il Tempo

Soon there will also be for the under 12s, Cauda’s prophecy on the vaccine – Il Tempo
Soon there will also be for the under 12s, Cauda’s prophecy on the vaccine – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

September 14, 2021

“There will be a slight increase in infections linked to the Delta variant with the reopening of schools”. Roberto Cauda warns of a possible rise in the numbers of the pandemic at “Agora”, Tuesday 14 September. The director of the Infectious Diseases department of the Gemelli Polyclinic is a guest of Luisella Costamagna, on the Rai3 morning talk show, where he announces the arrival of vaccination also for children under 12. “I believe that if the objectives on the vaccination campaign are achieved, if today those people aged 12 to 18 will increase the percentage of vaccinated and if one day there was the possibility of vaccinating the smallest ones (and it would seem to be around the corner according to the studies coming in these weeks) I believe that we can look to the future with a certain serenity ”, says Cauda.

Then he clarifies the use of the mask: “The important thing is that everyone uses the mask. If everyone uses the mask, the quality of the mask loses meaning. We know that there are some masks, the Ffp2, which have a greater ability to block the entry, especially in the presence of a variant such as the delta which is more contagious. So obviously the masks must be used, the spacing must be carried out as well as the washing of the hands “.

On the usefulness of salivary tests he specifies: “For all types of tests, the difference is whether it is a biomolecular test or an antigenic test, certainly even the antigenic ones are reliable but have a lower sensitivity. I am in favor of salivary tests, but biomolecular tests therefore photograph a reality and last 24-48 hours and therefore do not serve for periodic screening and do not guarantee a guarantee over time “. To guarantee an immunization, even if partial, is the vaccine. The hypothesis of an extension for the age groups under 12 seems to be getting closer, Cauda announces: “Vaccination in younger children is expected, international organizations such as the FDA will give the authorization, they will make the assessment which will be extremely rigorous, as always. I believe that there won’t be much time before they are also available for the little ones. “

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