what we are condemned to – Libero Quotidiano

what we are condemned to – Libero Quotidiano
what we are condemned to – Libero Quotidiano

It is difficult to think of not resorting to Dad with public transport combined in this way “. Massimo Galli, Director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, is worried: “It seems that they haven’t solved much. It seems that the situation has not changed at all, or at least that there have been no decisive steps forward, it seems evident, on a necessary significant increase of public transport “, reveals in an interview with Everyday occurrence.

Galli, however, sees some positive glimmer: “I’m a little optimistic just because now we have so many vaccinated and therefore we won’t have the same amount of sick and dead as last fall / winter. However, we cannot fail to recall how the Delta variant is much more contagious than the Alfa of SarsCov2 and how it manages to hit teenagers and children much more easily, that is, the school users “, he says.

“It won’t be easy to keep this understanding standing with these moonshines.” Galli then speaks of the Green Pass and vaccination obligation: “The obligation is the obligation. Perhaps it would be more useful to seriously extend the Green pass introducing important movement restrictions for those who do not have it available. Furthermore, the daily swab does not really make sense, neither from an epidemiological point of view nor from an economic point of view. I hope that if resources are allocated on tampons it will be done on the salivary of children and young people, certainly not for those who do not want to get an anti-Covid vaccine“. And on the almost 3.5 million over 50s without vaccine doses, he explains that,” some of them, in a small part, may have recently recovered from Covid and do not need it immediately. But the vast majority of those who don’t want to vaccinate are very difficult to track down. We will not win it like this just by suggesting him to do so “, concludes Galli.

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condemned Libero Quotidiano

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