Triennale presents the Ultradim | Milan news

Triennale presents the Ultradim | Milan news
Triennale presents the Ultradim | Milan news

The summer schedule of the Triennale presents, tomorrow evening at 21:00, the first appointment of the Ultradim review with the performance of Barocco Elettronico – Elena Rivoltini and the Roman collective Vega composed of Francesca Pionato and Tommaso Arnaldi.

Elena Rivoltini

They will be involved in a performance that combines Baroque music with archival material and the exploration of new forms of cultural participation.


Ultradim, in turn, is a research platform that explores the relationship between tradition and innovation, art and technology and questions issues such as the return to a public and collective dimension of the artistic experience, how to share it, participation, overcoming the impersonal element of digital platforms and safeguarding artists, projects and the public.

Returning to the protagonists of the evening at the Triennale, Elena Rivoltini works as a performer, actress, opera singer and electronic music composer. Graduated from the School of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, she is the founder of Electronic Baroque, a performative project that combines ancient music, electronic music and visual art.
She is the author and performer of performances for theatrical and non-theatrical spaces, such as clubs, art galleries, sacred chapels and parking lots.

VEGA is a collective of directors and artists based in Rome. Their research stems from the urgency to develop a relationship between predefined elements such as archival materials, stories, traditions and rituals and contemporary languages.


Triennale presents Ultradim Milan news

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