survived the former Penicillin disaster, now welcome

Tuesday 14 September 2021 – 11:53

Rome, CGIL: former Penicillina disaster escaped, now welcome

“Immediate interventions for redevelopment”

Rome, 14 Sept. (askanews) – “The fire that broke out in the former Penicillina, an abandoned factory on Via Tiburtina, is the clearest symbol of the decay and abandonment into which the city has fallen. It did not turn into a disaster by pure chance and by the precious intervention of the fire brigade ”: thus, in a note, the CGIL of Rieti, east Rome, Valle dell’Aniene. “An unacceptable situation – continues the note – on which the CGIL, together with the citizens of the neighborhood, has been asking for years to intervene in order to start a path that leads to the safety of the former factory, still privately owned, and at the start of the process for the reclamation and redevelopment of the territory occupied by a dilapidated building prey to environmental and social degradation “. “Serious action is needed to give concrete answers to the citizens who live in these areas and to people who for too long have found a dangerous shelter in the former factory in conditions – continues the CGIL – that violate human rights and are unworthy for a civilized country , in particular migrants expelled from reception paths and those who are victims of the housing emergency “. For this reason, the CGIL Rieti Roma Eva asks “the next mayor of the capital and the residents of the municipalities subject to the fumes and harmful dust deriving from the former factory, to finally close the season of propaganda, evictions that fight the poor but not poverty and they aggravate the problems and living conditions of the inhabitants to give rise to policies that welcome people and give answers to the social problems that affect those who live in our suburbs ”.


survived Penicillin disaster

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