application to the Tel Aviv court for return to Italy

Maternal grandmother investigated for kidnapping Etty Peleg, former wife of Shmuel Peleg e Eitan’s maternal grandmother, And under investigation for the kidnapping of the 6-year-old child. The baby, entrusted to his paternal aunt, was brought to Israel by his grandfather. The alarm was triggered after the grandson did not return home at the end of a visit agreed between the two families. Maternal family lawyers have made it known that “Eitan is fine”.

The maternal grandmother of little Eitan, the only survivor of the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car of 23 May, would have been in Italy with her ex-husband at least in the days preceding the alleged kidnapping. The role of the woman, therefore, in the investigation of the Prosecutor of Pavia for kidnapping (aggravated by the fact that the victim is a minor), is to be verified. In fact, she could have helped her ex-husband to bring the baby to Israel, where he arrived on a private flight from Lugano.

To support the participation of the maternal grandmother in the kidnapping had already been the paternal uncle, Or Nirko, husband of the aunts, Aya Biran. “Eitan’s maternal grandmother, Etty, was in Italy and is part of the kidnapping,” she said, explaining that the woman claimed “to have flown back to Israel the day before, apparently in order not to be exposed to the accusation. of complicity “.

Eitan’s paternal uncle: “Prisoner like a Hamas soldier in prison”

“The Peleg family is holding Eitan as Israeli army soldiers are held captive in Hamas prisons,” he then attacked Nirko. “The Peleg family – he added – refuses to say where the child is. They hide him in a kind of hole”. Asked if they went to Sheba hospital to check Eitan’s presence, Nirko replied: “My brother went there but Eitan isn’t there.”

“We need a quick political solution”

We need a “political solution” that could resolve the situation “much more quickly than the judicial one”. “Eitan was brutally taken away from the closest people he had – he said – my wife had to leave his glasses or an object near him.
when he went away to show her his affection and that she would come back “.

“Eitan’s grandfather did not act alone” Nirko then said that he and his wife Aya “were not surprised” by the development of the affair. “We were afraid – he added – that it would happen. Despite our warnings, the Court allowed the Peleg family to continue their visits and this is what happened. When the opportunity arose, they kidnapped the child”. For Nirko “Shmuel Peleg did not act alone but he had great help otherwise he would not have been able to organize such an operation. We have no evidence but there is a police investigation”.

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