COVID staff replacement, how the teaching staff is employed. FAQ

COVID staff replacement, how the teaching staff is employed. FAQ
COVID staff replacement, how the teaching staff is employed. FAQ

As is known, article 58, paragraph 4-quater, of the decree-law n.73 / 2021 has allocated approximately 422 million euros to increase the staff units of state schools of all levels, until 30 December 2021 What can additional teaching staff be used for?

Here is the ministry’s answer in the FAQ dedicated to back to school:

The decree-law n.73 / 2021 has provided that the teaching staff is destined for the “recovery of learning, to be used according to the needs of educational institutions within their autonomy”.

With the 2021-2022 School Plan, operational suggestions were provided for the use of additional teaching staff: “On the basis of concrete situations, such as the spaces available, the needs of families and the territory, the organization of transport, remains firm the opportunity for educational institutions to make use of the regulatory forms of flexibility deriving from autonomy. These could include, for example: – the reconfiguration of class-groups into different groups; – modular articulation of groups of pupils coming from the same or different classes or from different course years; – school attendance in differentiated shifts, also varying the solutions in relation to the age groups and the different levels of education; – aggregation of disciplines into disciplinary areas and fields; – different weekly modulation of school time, upon resolution of the competent collegial bodies “.

The additional resources of teaching staff can therefore be used, within the foreseen time and financial limits, for the best organization of times, spaces, learning groups which, where necessary for the purpose of recovery, can also be temporarily articulated.

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COVID staff replacement teaching staff employed FAQ

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