Stadio della Roma, Raggi: “I would see him well in the Ostiense area. The Friedkin serious, you can see the difference from Pallotta”

ROME RAGGI STADIUM – Guest of the show ‘Te La Do Io Tokyo’, broadcast on Centro Suono Sport, the mayor of Rome intervened Virginia Raggi, also a candidate in the next elections. Below is an excerpt of his statements in which, obviously, the theme concerning the Stadio della Roma was also central:

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Stadio della Roma, the interview with Virginia Raggi

How are you?
“Well I would say, we continue in this period of electoral campaign”.

Five years ago he presented himself with the opposition. This is a reconfirmation campaign. How does the approach to reconfirmation change?
“The election campaign is a bit different because the 5 years of administration allowed me to rebuild the administrative machine. Now I know how to make it run. When I listen to my opponents, when they present themselves, I hear things being said on the verge of unreality. They often seem to have not even done ‘homework’. We have started the consolidation of the financial statements, reactivated the public tenders, and started paying the companies that work with Roma Capitale again. This means giving work, at a time when work is the priority ”.

It is the favorite in our polls. However, national polls are different
“When I walk around the city I meet people who urge me to keep going. Having done the tiring part of the reconstruction allowed us to make interventions in which we brought light to the suburbs, or water where there wasn’t. We fought like lions to have 4 European matches. We have worked on several levels, on the streets, on schools, on public housing. Of course we haven’t transformed Rome into Lugano in 5 years, but we have started a series of processes. We have 10 years of investments ahead of us which, if well done, can transform the city. We think about sustainable mobility. We want to radically transform mobility. We have begun to implement a traffic revolution. If we do not go forward in this direction, Rome freezes and we go back 10 years. The competing parties, historically, have always got their hands on Rome, creating a 13 billion debt that has never turned into services. We could dedicate 200 million to our city and instead we have to give it to the banks. With one million you can build a nursery, or buy 2 buses. The management behind Gualtieri are these. The leadership behind Michetti are those who were with Alemanno. We must continue in the direction in which meritocracy wins. ‘Bando’ is not a bad word, it allows you to give the city a quality service ”.

Many vote Raggi because ‘he does not steal’
“It is not enough. It is a precondition. We remember all the articles that occasionally come out in the newspapers. We were considered, in Rome, the capital of corruption. There was a feudal system and this is very serious. We just did things as the law requires. All the money we found, we went to services. Hundreds of school gyms, upgrading of school facilities … These are jobs that are not seen but that have been done by putting the accounts in order and without stealing. We bought buses with citizens’ money and nobody put bribes in their pockets. If you don’t steal the money, it’s there. We took the Atac and restored the company. We have employed 12,000 families. We started buying buses again and when we ran the race an industry that had practically failed started to hire and grow again ”.

How do you think the tug-of-war for the Albano landfill will end. Is there something you did wrong?
“The TAR proved me right about the landfill. In the region there are only 2 landfills open and this creates a disaster, because we municipalities do not know where to dump the waste. With an order I had to open the Albano landfill, taking responsibility. I have replaced the region’s inertia. Mistakes have been made, only those who do not do not make mistakes. Sometimes I have named people who have not turned out to be up to par but I have had the ability to remove them. My hands are free, I don’t have to respond to party orders. Unlike me, the other candidates are emanations of their own parties. The role of mayor is not well understood. Being mayor means making an agreement with the citizens which is called a program. If the councilors are no longer able you must be able to take that person, thank them and remove them to name another. The line I followed has never changed. When I said that Ama needed to be healed, I removed the councilors. Ama is undergoing reorganization and has an industrial plan that provides for autonomy over the plants. The new garbage trucks are coming, the new scavengers. Ama hadn’t taken for a long time. All this is what we are going to achieve in the next five years. Budget cleaning, reorganization and planning. My opponents continue to speak by hearsay, but they lack knowledge and knowledge. They have no solutions ”.

Was Lanzalone your free choice? A project that could be the election spot for the 2025 Jubilee?
“We had put in place a beautiful project that had to be completed by 2026 and it was the navigability of the Tiber. With the Ministry of Transport we had studied seaworthiness and quantified the intervention at 300 million euros. For me it is a beautiful project. We would like to recover this project and have the opportunity to experience the Tiber no longer as a wound but as a resource. On the Tiber there are 11 different competences and none of the mayor. The mayor’s only competence is a strip of cycle path, but in theory I cannot intervene. The Tiberis Beach that I build every year and then I have to dismantle it because I asked for the concession of that area. With navigability we take back the river and it is an excuse to reorganize the skills too. And then there is Expo 2030, which you don’t have to imagine like that of Milan. It should be imagined as that of Montreal in the 70s. It would land in the city. Everyone would come to our neighborhoods to work. We are talking about Rome as an open-air laboratory. Lanzalone? Maybe Acea was the largest municipal company in Europe. He was held in high regard because he had saved the Leghorn company from waste. It was a shared choice, then he was dismissed ”.

What does Raggi say about the Roma stadium?
“First of all we are working with Roma, the Friedkins are very serious and want to play the stadium without speculating. I would say that the place where I would see the stadium clearly is that of the Ostiense area, near Testaccio. There is everything there and we are close to the hearts of the Romanists. There are areas that seem suitable to me ”.

More Gazometer or General Markets?
“Mercati Generali is public and I can think about that area. Gazometro is private. There are many arguments that can be done. We are faced with a company that has completely changed management. The difference with Pallotta can be seen and heard. Even trivially on the approach to the coach issue. We are also working with Lazio for the construction of their plant. It wouldn’t be bad if both clubs in the capital had their own stadium. In this moment I feel like Mourinho who is racing towards the South. I’m putting my heart and soul into it ”.

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