“Never done…”. Disassembled the last bale of Conte

“Never done…”. Disassembled the last bale of Conte
“Never done…”. Disassembled the last bale of Conte

Here we go again with the story of Giuseppe Conte who claims he never tried, during the waning phase of his second term, to create alternative majorities through promises or secret meetings.

Last night, guest of Nicola Porro a Fourth Republic, the former premier immediately tried to reassure his integrity as a hard and pure grillino: “I have never worked in the secret rooms to build alternative majorities, what I did in Parliament speaking clearly to all political forces and citizens, “he asserted with some pride. Almost as if the word” responsible “had not accompanied him throughout his time as a tightrope walker on the brink of the fall.

The tones of yesterday are those that would be expected from an executioner who decides to participate for the first time in a Meet-up. Intransigence, as we know, is a characteristic that was required for part of the project. Now things have changed a bit. But Conte, clearly, is keen not to upset the first grillini too much. A similar statement, moreover, had been made by Conte himself last January. Too bad that reality has told a different story. While Conte denied the “alternative majorities”, in fact, some Contian emissaries were trying to elbow themselves in Parliament. The aim was to build one centrist space, starting with some honorable members of the Mixed group, who could avoid the fall of the Giallorossi. An attempt that failed.

In politics, the line between “secret rooms” and those that are secret is not thin. After all, how to define the places where they met at the time Luigi Di Maio and Bruno Tabacci? Those were the times of nervousness around the Conte bis estate. There was talk of the hypothesis according to which (it was also said thanks to Clemente Mastella) a handful of “willing” could emerge. The movements of the first hour, during that phase, began to rant, shouting “transformism”.

It is not so much a question of “secret rooms”, but rather of consistency with respect to what the 5 Star Movement always said to represent. Who would have imagined that the proponents of the “vaffa” adapted to public debate would go in a frantic search for some centrist consensus? Anything, after all, that would avert the good retreat to private life? But let’s move on.

An “alternative majority” seemed to be on the horizon when the forceist senator Luigi Vitali announced, and then retired, his support in the courtroom for the former prime minister. The same “alternative majority” that seemed to want to go along with the senator Lello Ciampolillo, jumped to the headlines both for his timing in the voting and for having asked the lawyer originally from Volturara Appula to become “vegan”.

It will not have been one negotiation held in the “secret rooms” but, somewhere or in some way, Conte, considering the sudden openings, will also have convinced some parliamentarians to change their mind about his government. Otherwise how are certain second thoughts explained? Vitali, however, then retraced his steps, while Ciampolillo and veganism were not enough.

It must have been all public, in short (we allow ourselves to doubt), but an attempt to stay afloat by means of a “alternative majority“There was indeed. The numbers that Conte was looking for were also known: eleven votes. Among the latest moves, as explained at the time by the director Augusto Minzolini, was to lower the tone towards the Renzians, who nevertheless did not yield to the flattery of contismo in its almost third version, but that’s not all.

There were also constant rumors coming from Oltretevere. They all insisted on how the Giallorossi, especially for the pentastellate part, were looking for “banks” in the Vatican, in order to prevent the executive from falling under the weight of reality. A maneuver passed through an ancient proximity, which derives from the formation of Conte at Villa Nazareth, with the training received by Cardinal Achille Silvestrini (who died in 2019 and reference for Cardinal Pietro Parolin), and from some connection, in fact, with the secretariat of state.

If those of the Holy See they are not “secret rooms”, so what are they? But the Leonine walls had clearly already changed their thinking on contism, which at first seemed to have found some favour. Giuseppe Conte, after the continuous search for an “alternative majority” (other than not), would then let go. To return to the scene as a party leader and tell the opposite of reality.

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