Totti: “Pellegrini is the ideal captain for Roma. Zaniolo? Let’s see in 10 years …”

Totti: “Pellegrini is the ideal captain for Roma. Zaniolo? Let’s see in 10 years …”
Totti: “Pellegrini is the ideal captain for Roma. Zaniolo? Let’s see in 10 years …”

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INTERVIEW TOTTI – Francesco Totti remains the undisputed sovereign: his history in Rome is a long storyline of records. 25 seasons, 786 appearances, 307 total goals. The king was captain of Roma for 19 consecutive years and today he crowns a new heir: Lorenzo Pellegrini, in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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Interview with Totti from La Gazzetta dello Sport

Rome, Naples and Milan have already moved forward in the league: will they be able to keep up with the pace throughout the season?
“We are only in the very early days, everything is still on the high seas. Juve itself, which had a slow start, will arrive. Rome and Naples can do very well ”.

Mourinho’s shot is already a cult image: does Rome have a new reference?
“Meanwhile, the news is that he has chosen Rome. He is a flexible coach, who has won a lot, has charm. He is undoubtedly a great character and a great motivator for the team. It has always been and remains an added value: both in the field and in the management of the group ”.

Did he manage to surprise her in any particular aspect?
“In the ability to get in tune with the environment, immediately. He puts himself in front of everyone, acts as a lightning rod, an ability that in a city like Rome can be decisive ”.

An adjective that you would use for the new Zaniolo?
“He is young and comes back after two serious injuries. We all hope he becomes a champion but he has yet to prove everything. For all that has happened to him, he must even more “help” himself by training and working hard. Growing up you mature, he must also do it from a character and professional point of view, surround himself with people who help him. What happens off the pitch in Rome is fundamental: it comes in front of everything. He has great prospects and can certainly have a great career: let’s think about it in ten years to see what level he will have reached ”.

Abraham also had a great impact: impressions?
“He is an international player, he comes from Chelsea. He is young, he has shots that have not been seen in Rome for a while and that have enthused the fans. He’s good technically and he’s a guy who fights, I’m sure he’ll do well ”.

Should you bet, this will be the year of?
“I hope by Lorenzo Pellegrini. Rome and Rome understand the value of this boy: he is really strong and has all the moral skills needed to be a leader. He knows how to behave, he knows how to stay in his place, he is humble. He is a worthy captain ”.

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