In Norway the center left won

In the elections in Norway on Monday for the renewal of the parliament, the center-left opposition won by a large majority, and in the coming days will form a new coalition government led by Jonas Gahr Støre, the leader of the Labor Party, after eight years. government of the Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

The victory is particularly notable for the Labor Party, which is not only the first party in the new parliament with 48 seats (one fewer than the last legislature), but will also have the opportunity to choose its own government allies. In total, the various center-left parties have obtained more than 100 seats (out of 169 in total) but, as announced before the vote, the new executive will almost certainly be composed, in addition to Labor, of the Center Party and the Social Democratic Party of the Left. Socialist. Together, the three parties have an absolute majority of 89 seats.

Støre will thus be able to avoid having to deal with the Red Party (Marxist and anti-European) and with the Greens, who during the election campaign were characterized by their rather intransigent positions on the rapid dismissal of the oil extraction industry, which it is one of the richest in the country, even if it poses serious problems due to the environmental consequences.

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Erna Solberg, the first conservative politician to rule the country for two full consecutive terms, admitted defeat on Monday evening and congratulated Støre. The Labor leader, who had already run for elections in 2017 and was defeated by Solberg, said: “We waited, we hoped, we worked hard, and now we can say: we did it!” He also added that Norway “has sent a clear signal: the elections show that the Norwegian people want a more just society”.

Støre, who is 61, has been active in politics for decades: he had various posts in center-left governments since 1989, and was Minister of Foreign Affairs (and, for a short time, of Health) under the government of Jens Stoltenberg. between 2005 and 2013. Although one of his campaign slogans was “It’s time for ordinary people”, Støre is a millionaire. His father was a famous shipowner and he and his family own shares in various businesses: the Labor leader’s personal assets are estimated at around 14 million euros.

With Støre’s rise to government, among other things, it will be the first time since 1959 that in all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) a center-left government is in office at the same time.

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