Xiaomi Smart Glasses official: Xiaomi glasses arrive, the real successors of Google Glass (photos and videos)

Xiaomi Smart Glasses official: Xiaomi glasses arrive, the real successors of Google Glass (photos and videos)
Xiaomi Smart Glasses official: Xiaomi glasses arrive, the real successors of Google Glass (photos and videos)

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14/09/2021 ore 09:31 – Updated on 09/14/2021 at 09:44

Nothing to do with the new glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban.

Tomorrow there will be a Xiaomi event full of news, but the Chinese company had decided to carve out some time for another announcement for today. In these early hours of Tuesday the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, Xiaomi’s smart glasses that will not just take photos and videos like the ones just presented by Facebook.

No, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, as a conception, are closer to Google Glass. In fact, directly on the lenses, Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses they will show messages e notifications, offering at the same time the possibility of making calls, taking photographs, translating text that we frame in real time and also to navigate to the set destination.

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In conclusion, real smart glasses. But how do they work? All the technology is enclosed in a body that weighs only 51 grams. Nothing overwhelming then on the face. To project information directly onto the lenses, Smart Glasses use the MicroLED technology. Screens constructed in this way have a higher pixel density and a longer life time, as well as a simpler structure that effectively saves space.

Think that the display thus constructed is really tiny, 2.4 x 2.02 mm, a grain of rice in practice. Thanks to the small size, the display and its components come integrated directly into the frame of the glasses. But how does the image reach the user’s eyes?

It is certainly not trivial. Xiaomi uses technology “Optical Waveguide“To ensure that the light is refracted at 180 °. The lenses of the glasses then have a microscopic lattice structure on which the image is actually projected. Thanks to the reticle, the light emitted by the display is refracted in a unique way right towards the user’s eye. To ensure that the image is clearly visible even in direct sunlight, a ultra-efficient monochrome display capable, according to what reported by Xiaomi, to reach a peak brightness of 2 million nits.

The MicroLED screen will be refracted on the right lens of Xiaomi’s glasses.

It is not a secondary screen

Xiaomi in his presentation article also specifies that the Xiaomi Smart Glasses do not necessarily want to be one secondary screen for your smartphone, but also a device independent wearable. On his own the Smart Glasses integrate 497 components. For example, Xiaomi specifies, in addition to showing any notifications and calls, the user can access the navigation, translation or more simply the photographic functions without going through the smartphone.

The navigation functionality makes use of augmented reality.

There will then be a sort of filter to what will be displayed on the Smart Glasses screen. Not all notifications will be displayed, but only those that Xiaomi’s virtual assistant will deem most important, so as not to have a constant flow of information displayed on the lens.

On the technical sheet side we find one on board 5 megapixel camera (like Facebook’s glasses, but they have two), a microphone also useful for real-time transcription of audio, a indicator LED near the camera to indicate its use, a processore ARM quad-core, a side touch pad, moduli Wi-Fi e Bluetooth. Everything is obviously driven by Android.

Output and price

We would like to tell you something about the exit date e if possible price from marketing of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, but at the moment the company has not released information about it. Among other things, it is possible that this is a product that will never leave the Chinese borders.

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Fonte: Xiaomi

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