Eitan Biran, the prosecution: also the grandmother involved in the kidnapping. But she: “The child’s health is very bad”

Eitan Biran, the prosecution: also the grandmother involved in the kidnapping. But she: “The child’s health is very bad”
Eitan Biran, the prosecution: also the grandmother involved in the kidnapping. But she: “The child’s health is very bad”

Esther Cohen, Eitan Biran’s grandmother, was in Italy with Shmuel Peleg and participated in the alleged kidnapping of the child by her grandfather. This was stated in an interview with Israeli radio 103 Fm Or Nirko, husband of Aya Biran, the foster in Italy of the little survivor of the Stresa-Mottarone cable car massacre. But Etty himself responds to the accusations by going to the attack «His conditions are very bad – she vented in an interview released on the same radio – and finally, after four months, the doctors will see what happened to him. In this time she has not seen any doctor apart from her aunt Aya in Italy, but she deals with prisoners. For four months they prevented me and Shmuel from consulting with doctors and psychologists. ‘ Meanwhile, on the horizon there is also another figure who could be involved in the affair. That of a man who interviewed Eitan at the request of his grandparents via Whatsapp or Zoom.

The cross-accusations between the families

Yesterday the prosecutor of Pavia formally investigated Eitan’s grandfather for kidnapping after the complaint presented by Aya. In the investigation, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Mario Venditti, it also investigates the alleged complicity of other people in the blitz that led to the kidnapping. The man would have arrived in Israel with the child on a private flight probably departed from Lugano in Switzerland. But above all, Ms. Biran presented the request to trigger the Hague Convention on Child Abduction that both Italy and Israel have signed. At this point there are two legal ways to bring the child back to Italy. The first is to apply directly to Tel Aviv. The second is to go through Rome. From 2001 onwards, let it be known today Republic, there have been 12 precedents between Italy and Israel: 8 concerned children who had been brought there from our country, while in four cases the road had been traveled in reverse. Three cases ended with the return of the children decided by the Israeli authorities, the others had different outcomes, from the withdrawal of the application to the tacit agreement between the parties.

Meanwhile, concern is growing over Eitan’s physical and mental health. The child is under observation at the Sheba Medical Center, as confirmed by maternal grandmother Etty Peleg in a conversation broadcast by the Israeli FM103 radio. In which the woman accused the family of Eitan’s father of having left the child abandoned and without care. On the other hand, the Birans recounted an episode that involved Eitan during one of the protected encounters with her maternal grandparents in July. Republic she describes him as a stranger peeking out of a tablet screen to bombard him with questions. Eitan was sitting in the car, the “mustache wizard” – as he called himself – was connected remotely. After the meeting, the child returned to the cottage in Rotta di Travacò in tears: “He told us that the meeting on the web cam with that gentleman had been heavy,” says Aya Or Nirko’s husband. “Eitan didn’t know who he was. The interview lasted two hours: WhatsApp or Zoom, I don’t remember. The child was in the car of his maternal grandmother ».

Who is Shmuel Peleg

Meanwhile, under the lens is the figure of Shmuel Peleg. 58-year-old electronic engineer with a long career in the Israeli military in the telecommunications unit. After his discharge as a lieutenant colonel, a collaboration with the national airline El Al; then Mirs, Motorola and Hot Mobile. Where he was in charge of sales and marketing. To manage the communication on the whole affair, the family – as far as ANSA is aware – has fielded a specialized company led by Ronen Tzur, a man who in the past has been involved in politics and then moved on to marketing, dealing with media campaigns also on cases hot. After his and Etty’s complaints, now Eitan – who is not known whether or not he is actually hospitalized and should be in quarantine according to Israeli regulations – is entrusted to specialists from both a physical and psychological support point of view. There is no doubt, however, that, in her own words, it is her grandmother who takes care of her in everyday life. “He is the son of my daughter Tal who had him at 20, he grew up in my house. I’m his grandmother, I’ve always followed him ». And he is keen to emphasize that “Eitan had no ties to Aya’s family”, her aunt in Italy. “Now – he concluded – it is I who take care of him”. In perfect coherence with what this part of the family in Israel has argued since last August 11, it blew up the case by denouncing that Eitan was “hostage” in Italy.

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