Farewell to Martina Luoni, the anti-Covid testimonial who was fighting against cancer

“Now her compass will take her on the hunt for new sunsets, the ones she has always dreamed of, always with a smile on her lips that no one will ever be able to extinguish. From today, anyone who watches a sunset will remember the lioness Martina”, reads the young woman’s profile. . Martina was chosen by the Lombardy Region as testimonial of an anti-Covid campaign. “I have cancer, but my real problem is you: you who don’t wear a mask and you don’t care about the rules”, he said in front of the camera.

In mid-July, Martina announced that she had undertaken a new path of experimental treatments. “The truth? I’m tired,” she wrote in a long post. “Tired of being strong, tired of enduring pain and discomfort, tired of being called a lioness, just tired. When I got sick for the first time, I pulled out all my courage and never lowered my head. But then, unfortunately, it happens that the first time becomes the second, third, fourth and you come to the awareness that getting out of it is more and more difficult, because the improvements you would like do not arrive and the body is more and more tired and debilitated “.

“We will never forget his smile”, wrote the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana. “The energy of one twenty-seven, stubborn and determined. His sunny gaze with which, walking on the lookout of Palazzo Lombardia, he invited everyone to fight against the virus “.


Farewell Martina Luoni antiCovid testimonial fighting cancer

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