Torre Angela, fire and explosion in via Atteone

Torre Angela, fire and explosion in via Atteone
Torre Angela, fire and explosion in via Atteone

First a roar, probably due to a gas leak, then the flames. A fire, with a high column of smoke, woke up the district of Torre Angela this morning. A fiery hell in via Atteone, which saw the firefighters, the carabinieri from the Tor Bella Monaca station and the Frascati company – who evacuated the building at number 136 – and the local police, with the agents of the Torri Group who have closed the road.

Three 118 ambulances that reached via Atteone. Two people were taken to hospital, their conditions are still unknown. Burned the owner of the apartment: the man was urgently taken to the hospital by an ambulance, he is conscious. Other residents of the building were slightly injured.

Impressive images, with the explosion that literally gutted a wall and part of the balcony on the third floor of via Atteone. According to what was reported by the firefighters (who also saved a dog), who speak of “collapse”, the causes of the fire would probably be due to “a gas leak”.

Italgas technicians are also on site: according to what is learned, they will be the ones to define the causes of the breakdown. Research on the presence of any missing persons continues. The Carabinieri of the Rome Tor Bella Monaca Station investigate the matter.


Torre Angela fire explosion Atteone

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