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hunting the accomplices of the kidnapping-

hunting the accomplices of the kidnapping-
hunting the accomplices of the kidnapping-
from Giuseppe Guastella

For the investigators, someone helped Shmuel Peleg to escape from Italy with his grandson. “An organized plan”. Peleg’s lawyers: “He acted on impulse.” Suspicions about the Israeli secret services

It is a hunt for accomplices, who may have helped Shmuel Peleg to flee Italy, taking his six-year-old grandson with him to Switzerland and boarding there without anyone obstructing him on a private plane that landed in Israel a few hours later. To do so, the 58-year-old Israeli, since yesterday investigated with his ex-wife for aggravated kidnapping, has evaded the ban on expatriation which should have prevented the child from leaving Italian soil in the midst of a story that increasingly takes on the contours of an international intrigue.

The tracks in Switzerland

The investigation by the Pavia Public Prosecutor led by Mario Venditti has already taken important steps in the reconstruction of how Peleg moved on Saturday morning and could soon give light to new developments. The police are following the traces left by the man from Travacò Siccomario to Lugano, 151 kilometers away from the town in the province of Pavia where Eitan was spending this difficult moment of his short but already dramatic existence. It should not be forgotten that all the protagonists of this story are direct or indirect victims of tragedy of the Mottarone cable car that last May 23 cost the lives of 14 people who, after the long bans linked to the pandemic, just wanted to spend the beautiful spring Sunday in the mountains. In the crash of the cabin, due to the breaking of the tow rope and the criminally deactivated emergency brakes, the parents, the little brother of just two years and also the paternal great-grandparents have died of Eitan, the only one who was miraculously only wounded thanks to his father who shielded him with his own body.

A divided family

The drama broke what’s left of Eitan’s family in two. On the one hand i maternal relatives living in Israel, on the other the paternal ones who, adding torment to torment, are consuming themselves in a legal battle over custody of the child. Although there are those who mischievously glimpse behind the feud the interest in the substantial compensation that the child will get and the generous donations he has already received from all over the world. You suspect that everyone dismisses disdainfully. The action of Shmuel Peleg who lost a daughter, son-in-law and a grandchild must be framed in this scenario. The man, a retired Israeli army soldier and consultant to an electronics company, showed up shortly after 11.30 at the door of the house zia paterna in Eitan, Ayan Biran, where the child has lived since he left the hospital, for one of the usual meetings authorized by the tutelary judge. This is the last time the aunt has seen Eitan.

“He acted on impulse”

Peleg and his grandson drove off in the car hired by Peleg at Malpensa airport upon his arrival in Italy. To his lawyers, lawyers Sara Carsaniga, Paolo Polizzi and Palo Sevesi, he said that as soon as he became convinced that the child was in “poor mental and physical conditions”, he decided to remove him from that judicial procedure on his protection which he considers full of irregularities and take him to a hospital in Tel Aviv. “Bullying is always wrong”, say his lawyers, according to whom their client acted “on impulse” after “trying in vain for months to bring the voice of the maternal family into the civil proceedings for the appointment of the guardian” , but they are convinced that it can return “to trust in Italian institutions”. In a couple of hours, Peleg traveled the highway across the border into Switzerland almost certainly in Chiasso. Evidently without any control, despite the fact that the Court of Pavia had issued a ban on expatriation affecting the child in Switzerland and throughout the Shengen area. No problem even at Lugano airport where grandfather and grandson took the expensive flight that took off in the afternoon.


Investigators are convinced that such a leak cannot be planned and organized at the last moment from a desperate grandfather and only with the complicity of ex-wife Esther Choen, who at Mottarone lost her parents and said she had returned to Israel before Saturday. Suspicions also point to characters linked to the Israeli secret services to which it seems a brother of Choen belonged. To clarify, the attorney Venditti and the substitute Valentina De Stefano could soon initiate a letter of letters in Switzerland.

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