Soleil Sorge has already told a big lie to the GF Vip, and the ex are not involved

Soleil Sorge has already told a big lie to the GF Vip, and the ex are not involved
Soleil Sorge has already told a big lie to the GF Vip, and the ex are not involved


The influencer declared that he is what he is not: explanations are expected from the person concerned

Published on September 14, 2021

Soleil Rises will create a great chaos inside the most spied house in Italy: the well-informed of the television background, when they learned that the influencer became popular with men and women (it was the choice of the tronista Luca Onestini) would have been one of the competitors of the GF VIP 6, they quickly assured that it would trigger a series of steaming dynamics on the show. These well-informed, however, had not taken into account that it would also have made the order of the journalists stand on end. Which instead happened. But why did the ‘registered pens’ turn up their noses? What did the Italian-American say? Apparently he spoke a big lie.

The young woman, in the presentation clip shot before entering the Cinecittà home, claimed to carry out the following professions: “I am a model, an influencer, an actress and a journalist ”. Ok for the model and the influencer, go ahead with the actress question (after all, you can be said to act and be actresses even if you were the protagonists of the spot of the local delicatessen, with all the respect of the local delicatessen). Instead, what cannot pass is defining oneself journalists, if not. made fleas on the former face UeD, unmasking her and pointing out that her name does not appear at all in the register of the order of journalists.

The Campania newspaper did a search, sifting through the journalists’ order and trying different solutions. That is, he tried to insert the surname Sorge, Sorgè, Sorgé and also that of art, ‘Stasi’. But nothing: Soleil does not appear anywhere. So? Is it by any chance registered with some other details? Under a pseudonym? With some personal name that no one is aware of? Or he said a big one lie what could he avoid? The suspicion, more than a suspicion to be honest, is that the young woman lied to herself by claiming a title she does not actually hold.

If, on the other hand, somewhere in the register, her name should tick, it would be nice to know where the beautiful Soleil has practiced and practices the journalistic profession. Clarifications on the matter are awaited from the person concerned. Who knows if Signorini will put her in a tight spot in the near future. After all, he may find he has a colleague among ‘his’ competitors.

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