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“I still find it hard to believe. Martina Luoni left usAre the words of Attilio Fontana. The photo: her in the foreground. Hands joined in the video appeal that went around the Net: “The health system is collapsing and surgical activities cannot be suspended!”. She was sick with colon cancer, Martina. “Today the lioness has lost her battle, now her compass will lead her on the hunt for new sunsets, the ones he has always dreamed of, always with a smile on his face that no one can ever turn off. From today anyone who watches a sunset will remember the lioness Martina ”, reads her Instagram profile in a post written by her family. He was only 27 years old. “The disease, which had plagued him for some time, unfortunately got the upper hand. We will never forget his smile. The energy of a stubborn and determined 27 year old. His sunny gaze with which, walking on the lookout of Palazzo Lombardia, he invited everyone to fight against the virus. A prayer for her. For his loved ones the condolences of all the Lombards “, the message of the president Attilio Fontana.

The video denounces

In the midst of the second wave, on November 2o20, Martina posted a video complaint on Instagram that raised the problem of slowed-down operations in Covid-clogged hospitals. She, a metastatic colon cancer patient since 2018, chemo and radio cycles, a daily battle: «I live with a timer on my head. Why should I waste even a single minute? ”He said.

Testimonial for the Region

His appeal was received by the Region (which specified: “No life-saving operation is postponed”) and Martina became one of the first testimonials of the war on Covid. The message on the terrace of Palazzo Lombardia: «I have cancer, but you are my real problem. You who don’t wear a mask. You who spend more time around than at home. You who don’t care about the rules ».

La community

A community of 40 thousand followers on Instagram, Martina talked about her battle for life, her projects and her dreams on a daily basis. With a smile. Without hiding fatigue and weaknesses (“The truth? I am tired. Tired of being strong, tired of enduring pain and discomfort, tired of being called Leonessa, tired … », she wrote on July 19). His last post is on August 4th: «Girl’s eyes, how many skies, how many seas await me. Girl’s eyes, if I look at you, I see the dreams I will have ».

Funerals will be held on September 16 in Solaro, in the church of Santi Quirico and Giulitta at 11.

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