no more public demonstration – Il Tempo

no more public demonstration – Il Tempo
no more public demonstration – Il Tempo

The best attack is escape, they must have told Virginia Raggi. And after the fool associated with the attempt to lay the first stone of the Museum of the Shoah in Rome in the middle of the electoral campaign, the inevitable turnaround comes to the public ceremony that had already been called by the Capitol.

The Jewish Community has expressed its clear disagreement with the chosen period – the resolution that established the Museum dates back to the Alemanno junta – between one meeting and another.

Therefore, work will start on Tuesday 14 September, but there will be no ribbon cutting. The Mayor will stay at home to avoid polluting the event with a presence that would have been blatantly electoral.

“I do not want – said the Rays belatedly – that this issue becomes a terrain of unjustified controversy. The Jewish Community of Rome has decided not to be present. I respect the decision, even though I don’t agree with it. As I have shown in recent years, I do not want to foster conflicts that would harm the city and the Romans ”.

The Shoah Museum will rise in Villa Torlonia. From the Capitol, someone more realistic than the king had tried to force it by setting the start date of the works. But without dealing with the dignity of those who want to stay out of the electoral fray in the face of the memory of a tragedy. A bad blow for the Rays, who are trying everything to get a reconfirmation that at least the polls see more and more difficult.

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