Here’s how Instagram wants to put the main feed in order

With a new solution (in Italian “Favorites”) being tested, to indicate to the social network its priorities

If you look for the daily update on your best friend’s dog on Instagram, you probably need to endlessly scroll through an endless list of “uninteresting” posts, even forgetting the real reason for the search causes boredom.

Eventuality that, after creating a bit of annoyance and nervousness, leads many to close the social app with a sense of frustration mixed with nervousness. However, it seems that Instagram is well aware of who is in this situation, as evidenced by an almost hidden test to tidy up the feed with a solution renamed “Favorites”.

According to rumors, the novelty allows you to clearly indicate the most important Instagram accounts (friends and creators) for the user as a priority, so that their posts appear “higher” in the main feed.

If this feature sounds familiar, it is because Instagram was testing a different feature of the same name in 2017, which helps establish the exact audience for each post. For example, you can only share your wedding photo with designated favorites, rather than all followers.

The 2021 version of “Favorites”, however, aims to offer more control over personal feeds, simply by informing Instagram which accounts are most important to each user.

Currently, Instagram ranks the feed order based on the most recent and shared posts of the people followed, as well as other “signals” such as the likelihood of interacting with a post, according to a post by Melo Park dated June 2021 explaining how the ‘social algorithm led by Adam Mosseri.

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It is unclear whether this Favorites feature will become an official feature or if it will change before it is implemented more broadly. In the meantime, someone may see this feature in their account menu, located under the “Close Friends” feature which allows you to determine who to share Stories with.


Heres Instagram put main feed order

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