Here is the identikit of those who do not want to get vaccinated

Here is the identikit of those who do not want to get vaccinated
Here is the identikit of those who do not want to get vaccinated

Let’s find out who are those who, although not no-vax, do not intend to get vaccinated anyway

By Kirieleyson – In this article let’s not talk about no-vax: and this is because we believe that for them, as it is for conspiracy theorists and flat-earthers, the attempt to understand their fixations or to change their minds would be a lost cause.

Instead, we are talking about that segment of the educated population that falls, more generically, into the norm that, while declaring itself absolutely in favor of vaccines, however it is not yet vaccinated and does not intend to do so soon.

They are not ignorant, paranoid, hysterical or depressed; for the most part they are educated, open, cordial and happy people.

Someone intends to give a political connotation to these “Vaccine pseudo libertarians” but, in all probability, the phenomenon is not to be framed, at least completely, in the ideological sphere. In fact, there is a certain homogeneity of views in favor of vaccines on almost all fronts, beyond the flag declarations of certain political subjects (who have been vaccinated and complete with photos) that they fear to leave, as the only reference in matter, its direct competitor.

But who are these subjects who, despite almost all governments in every country pushing for vaccines, yet they are reluctant to get vaccinated?

Let’s try to divide these people into a number of categories.

First of all there are the “procrastinatori”, the theorists of “never rush to do today what you can do tomorrow“That is, those who, while asserting the opportunity to get vaccinated, nevertheless postpone from month to month with a generic”now it is not the case ”.

Among the procrastinators there are those who do not go to the dentist at the first symptom, because tomorrow could pass. Or because they do not have the time, only to find it suddenly when they can no longer eat, with an immensely greater suffering that they would have faced if they had gone there earlier.

Among the procrastinators there are also those who have cholesterol at 300 or blood pressure at 200, but have no symptoms and therefore, according to them, the fact does not exist.

Generally, procrastinators state that “we must all be diligent “, but in the meantime they conclude “You start”.

Another category is represented by those who “they do not intend to be a guinea pig “. Their justification is that vaccines are experimental. If you point out that a billion people in the world have already been vaccinated, they respond: and what does it mean? Actually, usually, these subjects are loyal in the use of the mask, which they would always wear, even when they are alone, in order not to get vaccinated.

We then have the “The informed” that is, those who do not get vaccinated because vaccines are only 80% or less effective. Unfortunately, their information does not include the arithmetic that teaches us that 50% is even 20% probability is always greater than zero.

Then there are the “Straight”, these, in addition to the standard information mentioned above, also have more detailed information: “after a few months the vaccines lose their effectiveness, so I don’t see why should i get vaccinated; of the series: “I need 10,000 euros, therefore, if you offer me a job in which I will earn only 3,000 euros in a month, it doesn’t interest me”.

Let’s continue now with i “fatalisti”. Their motto is: “Sooner or later we all have to die, with or without medicine” and they take Methuselah as an example, who lived up to 900 years without ever having taken antibiotics; and not even a suppository.

We still have the “liberal”.no one can force people to get vaccinated, freedom and democracy are at stake ”. The same freedom that proponents of arms sales as if they were household appliances in the United States.

Then there are the “Scientists“. These know everything, in every field. From the series: the barber, the post office clerk, the doctor and the Latin professor who decree that the bridge over the Strait cannot be built because the area is seismic.

Moving on, there are the “Skeptics”: Five years have to pass before I get vaccinated because I want to have all the data and all the feedback “: From the series: “The bridge over the Strait is useless if high speed is not achieved first”.

Another category is represented by the so-called “Problematic”. The problem is the side and / or unwanted effects of vaccines. For them it is irrelevant that there is not a single drug that does not have them and that, nevertheless, the same drugs are in use in all the countries that, fortunately for them, can afford them. And then they pursue: “a guy, a caio and a sempronio died after the administration of the XY vaccine “. For them it is irrelevant that a few deaths out of 10 million cases is not a dramatic statistic and it would be even if the deaths were 100 or 200, numbers probably still lower than those relating to those who died after taking a drug they did not. they knew they were allergic. From the series: I never leave the house because in Timbuktu, in 1936, a guy, who went out to shop, died hit by a meteorite ”.

Finally we have the “swaggers”. Generally these are young people, in any case in good health, adequately informed, always very sure of themselves. They, by virtue of their excellent state of health and the fact that COVID has had a very low incidence among young people, claim that the vaccine is of little use for them (and only for them). However, they scramble for mirrors if someone points out to them: “Assuming that’s the case, what would be the problem with getting vaccinated anyway? or Should we still risk getting infected and / or infecting others? “

But what will be the real reason for so much distrust?

The impression is that these people, deep down (who knows why), be afraid of medicine, that is, the doctors who diagnose diseases and the drugs they prescribe, wanting to convince themselves to be able to do less, both of the one and the other (at least until they are forced to resort to it).

However, as intelligent people as they largely are, they cannot admit it and therefore put forward the most disparate justifications.

What is the solution?

One solution would be to make the compulsory vaccination. Or the green pass, or something similar, to be able to hang out with other people. Which then, in practice, is the same thing.

This would surely remove any perplexity and alibi for the undecided.

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