Quirino Filippi crashes on the new barrier

Quirino Filippi crashes on the new barrier
Quirino Filippi crashes on the new barrier

Yet another drama on the streets of the capital. This time, under accusation, the new ones also run out parapedonals just installed along the sidewalk just made up via Trionfale. They should protect pedestrians but, too often, these barriers prove to be deadly for motorcyclists and scooter riders. The accident occurred yesterday morning around 8, at the intersection with via Giovan Battista Audifreddi. The black Citroen C3 driven by a 34-year-old Moldovan was turning left to enter a tire shop when he hit the BMW 1250 Gs he was traveling on Quirino Filippi, a 43-year-old colonel of the Air Force, originally from Amaseno (Frosinone), who was proceeding in the direction of Rome Center and who, probably, was overtaking.

The impact between the car and the bike was deadly. The centaur, as reported by some witnesses, was thrown from the saddle, hit the iron barrier, while the motorcycle was also carambulated on him. He died instantly. An agony. Many tried to help, ambulances were called and the traffic police of the XIV Group arrived on the spot for the ritual reliefs.

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The clash took place in the Casal del Marmo area, in the rush hour of morning traffic on the first day of school after returning from summer holidays, not far from the hospital entrance and access to the Drive-in for anti-Covid test. Circulation throughout the North-West quadrant has literally gone mad. Municipal agents closed the stretch of road to allow the passage of emergency vehicles, then slowly reopened a single lane with alternating direction of travel.

The victim was on his way to work, to take up service at the broadcasting department in via Stresa. The driver of the Citroen C3 stopped, was in shock and was taken to the Sant’Andrea hospital to be tested for alcohol and drugs. As a due deed, his license has been withdrawn and he is being investigated for road murder. The investigations to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident by the White Helmets are underway. Both Citroen and BMW were impounded. Philippi’s autopsy will be performed today. Numerous witnesses were heard, while the presence of cameras in the area that may have filmed the moment of the clash is being examined. In the meantime, however, the controversy over the new parapedonals is mounting.


In the past they had already been removed from other places and Capitoline streets where they had been challenged by scooter riders and centaurs, such as in viale di Castelporziano, at Infernetto, for example. In the morning there were also the “updates” on the incident on the Facebook pages of the neighborhood, consulted to understand the reason for the traffic paralysis. “I was just behind I am still shocked, I did not see the dynamics but the car that was coming in the opposite direction was turning to enter the tire dealer and the bike took it in full”, says Katia Z .. And, among others, Valter F. also explains that “unfortunately a motorcyclist died on his way to Rome, the car turning into a street, the motorbike overtaking with the impact took the railings to signal the sidewalks, going to impact with the body and the bike hit him further ».

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Many tell of the crash against the “iron handrails” which should guarantee greater safety. Giacomo, a resident, knows the Trionfale well, «cursed road, new tears, new flowers» and does not hesitate to affirm that «as a motorcyclist, father of another motorcyclist, the first thing I thought when seeing those barriers was … my God … and in fact after a few days one had already been thrown down ».
Quirino Filippi had three sisters and was the last born in the house. His family was very proud of him, as although the son of workers, he had managed to land at the Academy of Pozzuoli where he had finished eighth out of 80 places available. “He loved his job, he dedicated all of himself to it.”


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