Via Tiburtina: fire at the former Penicillina

Via Tiburtina: fire at the former Penicillina
Via Tiburtina: fire at the former Penicillina

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September 13, 2021 11:03 pm


Flames at the former penicillin factory along via Tiburtina, in the IV Town Hall starting from early Monday evening. On site the firefighters engaged in extinguishing the fire inside the structure. The causes of the fire are not yet known. “The first reports arrived at around 20.27” witnesses told Roma Today. In the area there is a lot of concern about the fumes that are emanating from the area.

This is testified by a post by Carlo de Felici, candidate for president with Power to the People. “The causes are not yet known but we immediately express our utmost concern for the poisons that will be released and that the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods will breathe! We had reported it only a few days ago together with Potere al Popolo – Rome and Elisabetta Canitano Sindaca: it is necessary to reclaim the building from polluting waste and from the asbestos it is covered with! It is necessary to do it immediately, to protect the health of the inhabitants of East Rome! ”.

Released in December 2018 following a blitz (widely announced), the property was returned to the property: on that occasion, 35 people were found inside. In August of this year, the former factory – often referred to as the ‘concrete monster’ – re-occupied, was once again cleared.


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