Nintendo Switch, official price cut: this is how much it costs

Nintendo Switch, official price cut: this is how much it costs
Nintendo Switch, official price cut: this is how much it costs

After the rumors of the past few hours, the price of Nintendo Switch for the European market it was officially cut in view of the arrival of the OLED Model.

The intent of the Kyoto house is in fact to push for buy again the hybrid console, whose price difference compared to the new model it was previously really derisory.

The rumor that emerged last week has therefore been officially confirmed, although for the Italians Nintendo will offer one different figure than initially anticipated.

The choice therefore seems a clear one strategy to further increase sales pending Switch OLED, the new console that we tested in preview.

The new official price of Nintendo Switch is 299.99 € for the Italian market, while for the rest of the territories of the European Union it will be € 269.99.

This means that there will still be a savings of 30 euros compared to the official launch price, kept unchanged from launch until today by Nintendo.

Recall instead that Nintendo Switch OLED model will cost about 349 euro: this means that now between the two consoles there is one distance of 50 euros, thus increasing the gap that could incentivize users to purchase the console.

The confirmation came through the official Italian Nintendo store: one will therefore be needed in our territory additional expense, just as happened since launch.

Starting today, you will therefore be able to buy the hybrid console at a lower price: it is the first time that Nintendo has been lowering the price of the console permanently since its launch in 2017.

At this point, all that remains is to wait and see how the public will react to the news, also observing if the price cut will lead to a possible increase in sales of the version “standard»Compared to the OLED model.

In any case, remember that there is currently no new user interface in any of the models of the Switch family: for this reason there are those who have thought of creating their own and more modern one.

Among the most awaited news by fans there is certainly the entry of the Game Boy catalog on Nintendo Switch Online: important confirmations have arrived in this regard.

Although the news has not yet been announced by the Kyoto house, several sources have been confirming their imminent arrival for several weeks.

In case you are looking for even greater savings, you can consider buying the Nintendo Switch Lite at an unmissable price on Amazon.

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