Naples, last minute vaccines are made at school. Parents: “Without it we can’t access.” Medici: “The only way out”

Naples, last minute vaccines are made at school. Parents: “Without it we can’t access.” Medici: “The only way out”
Naples, last minute vaccines are made at school. Parents: “Without it we can’t access.” Medici: “The only way out”

Two days fromofficial start of the school year in Campania the greatest perplexity among parents concerns the exhibition of the green pass to accompany the children to class or to enter the nursery and nursery schools. In Naples, in the courtyard of the Archimede di Ponticelli Institute, where the camper for ASL Na1 vaccines, many feel obliged to get vaccinated. “They say it is not mandatory – explains a lady in line for the first dose – but if you don’t, they treat you like a plague, you have to stay out in the courtyard of the institute, in practice they force us to do so. And then if you put a person to check the pass, it is normal for a crowd to form outside the courtyard, paradoxically so I feel less safe ”.

In the region of Vincenzo De Luca the numbers of the vaccination campaign speak of a very broad membership. The percentage of immunized among adolescents (12-19 years old) and school staff makes Campania one of the most virtuous. “Pupils over 12 are coming here accompanied by parents who are taking advantage and getting vaccinated together with their children – says the doctor. Federica Meneghini – adhesion is strong even if we still notice much skepticism and a certain annoyance for the new rules on the part of parents in view of the start of the school year “. Outside the vaccination centers in these days the discontent of those who have so far chosen not to have the serum inoculated and who now, with the new rules introduced for access to school, feel obliged. “Of course, alternatively I can swab – says a parent – but can I ever spend 25 euros every 2 days? I have to take my daughter to kindergarten, so I was forced to get vaccinated this morning ”.

At the Institute of Jumpers to take advantage of the ASL initiative there are also parents who have convinced their children to get vaccinated before the bell, which in Naples for most schools will ring on September 15th. “I accompanied my 13-year-old daughter – says a lady – she was afraid but also thanks to the doctors we convinced her. I insisted on giving her the vaccine because frankly, the measures introduced this year for students do not seem to me to be different from last year, ie open windows and distancing, at this point I feel more serene by having her vaccinated “.

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